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Unlimited Spanish Mini-Review: Learn Grammar Intuitively

Unlimited Spanish
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On his website, Oscar, the founder of Unlimited Spanish, provides hundreds of downloadable podcasts with free, well organized transcripts. The podcasts provide an introduction to his teaching method and are separate from his four purchasable courses.

Oscar avoids the traditional textbook methods of learning Spanish and helps his students learn to think in the language. His episodes include short stories with accompanying exercises for you to respond to while you listen. Although he speaks slightly slower than a natural speed, he still introduces vocabulary that would be new even to the upper-intermediate learner.

If you have no background in Spanish, his 30 day course will help you learn the foundation of spoken Spanish from scratch and teach you grammar intuitively rather than through drilling exercises. He also has courses for intermediate learners to improve fluency, and a new course for those struggling with verb tenses. Many of the courses include Point of View Lessons that help make grammar more intuitive; these lessons tell the same story in different tenses or from different perspectives

Judging by the quality of his podcasts, it seems like the courses would be a solid investment to improve your Spanish. Listen to a couple (or couple hundred) free episodes to see if it suits your learning style!

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