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Voscreen Mini-Review: Understand a Variety of English Accents


Rating 3.5

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Voscreen is a simple, free app to help English learners improve their listening comprehension. If you like movies, it can also give you some inspiration for what to watch next! To use the app, you will watch a very short clip (a couple of seconds long) and listen to a sentence from a film. Then, you will click on the translation in your native language that matches what you just heard. The faster you respond to the questions, the more points you will receive — although the points don’t seem to serve any other purpose than to show you where you rank amongst other users. The clips depict dozens of different accents from around the world, so Voscreen can support you to improve your listening comprehension for all types of English. You can sort the videos by level, by the grammar structure you want to practice, or by the number of words you want to hear. Also, Voscreen advertises an Artificial Linguistic Intelligence for Visual Education system (ALIVE), which tailors the videos to each learner’s needs (although it’s unclear exactly how it does this). Overall Voscreen is a fun, visually appealing app, but it is best used as a supportive tool for your language studies (check out iTalki to start speaking English right away!).

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