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Xue Bai Mini-Review: Enjoyment Depends On Your Learning Style

Xue Bai YouTube Channel
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Bai Xue started her Youtube channel seven years ago and still updates relatively regularly. She has over 200 videos, which are basically PowerPoint presentations with a voiceover description of each lesson.

The videos could be helpful for intermediate and beginner learners, especially the ones that differentiate between words with similar sounds or meanings. Her other lessons focus on dialogues, word lists, and tongue twisters, and she often explains literal translations of sentences to help you understand how the language is structured.

However, Xue Bai seems to teach like she is giving a lecture rather than a presentation, so the videos are not very dynamic. Whether or not you enjoy the videos is dependent on your learning style — the information is helpful as long as you can sit through them.

If you prefer to read short and concise grammar explanations, Chinese Grammar Wiki may be a better option. Chinese Corner and YoYo Chinese also have some engaging videos about Chinese culture and language.

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