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YesJapan Mini Review: Simple Explanations With Intuitive UI


Rating 4.0



YesJapan is a free website and YouTube channel for beginner to intermediate learners. It is based on the textbook series, Japanese From Zero!  The online courses consist of lesson videos, new phrases and words, cultural notes, grammar explanations, dialogues, and quizzes. You can choose to display each lesson’s Japanese words in romaji, hiragana, hiragana and katakana, or Kanji, depending on your comfort level. Also, throughout each lesson, you can add sentences or phrases to be saved to your Notebook for future review. To support your listening comprehension and speaking abilities, every word, sentence and conversation has been recorded by native Japanese speakers. Their 5 levels of courses supposedly bring you from being a total beginner to a high intermediate learner, but since they are each only about 13 lessons long, you will probably need extra support from a tutor or language exchange partner to feel comfortable with the language. Despite what the website advertises, it seems that Course 1 is 100% free, while other courses require an upgrade to a premium membership. The membership also gives you access to the Ask-a-Teacher function. There doesn’t seem to be any writing practice included in the lessons, so you may need to use Skritter, or LangCorrect for practice.  Overall, YesJapan seems like an effective resource to introduce beginners to Japanese in a simple and engaging way.

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