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Arabic Workshop

Rating 3.0

Freemium, £7/mo, £60/year, £280/lifetime


Arabic Workshop is a website with over 153 level appropriate comprehensible input videos for levels A1 – B1 on the CEFR scale. They break these videos down into 15 levels so that you can advance the difficulty one step at a time. Although the creators continue to add more videos, there are currently only about 25 videos available at the B1 level. Therefore, it’s probably most appropriate for A1 – A2 learners. Each video uses audio by voice actors and has an animation of a hand drawing each scene of the story or dialogue. The stories follow themes from everyday life, with vocabulary that you can apply to real life situations. Although there are no flashcards, there is a Vocabulary Builder function that highlights the phrases in each video’s transcript. You can click on a word to see a definition and a breakdown of how the word was formed. Unfortunately, there are no translations of full sentences, which may be frustrating for beginners. Additionally, you will need to learn the Arabic alphabet if you want to read the transcript, as there is no romanization. Although Arabic Workshop has a modern interface and attractive videos, there is not nearly as much content or features compared to ArabicPod101 (which goes for about the same subscription price if you catch it on one of its regular sales).

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