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Most Recommended Resources For Learning French

Most Recommended Resources French

We’ve tested tons of resources for learning French to help you figure out which ones are worth using and which ones should be avoided. These are our top choices. Hopefully, this list will help you find the right French resource for you!

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FrenchPod101 teaches French primarily through audio lessons, but there are also some videos as well. The basic plan offers a ton of content and is one of the most affordable paid resources you’ll find. There are also Premium and Premium Plus plans that are a bit more expensive and include extra materials. There are tons of lessons covering lots of topics, but it’s best for beginners. 

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Pimsleur is among the most popular language learning courses but in the past was too expensive. Now that they have an affordable subscription plan, it’s something I’d recommend. The lessons focus on oral French – listening and speaking while ignoring grammar.  Compared with most other courses, you need to be more active in the lessons and will start speaking quicker.

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French Uncovered

French Uncovered is a beginner level course that’s quite a bit different than other courses you’ll come across. In the beginning, it’ll be a bit more challenging than other courses as you’re thrown right into a story that’s entirely in French. While this may sound impossible, you’ll soon find that you know more French than you may have thought. This method of ‘Guided Discovery’ is quite fun and very effective.

Grammar Hero

Grammar Hero focuses on 5 important aspects of French grammar that students often struggle with. This course, for lower intermediate students, or a bit above that level, teaches grammar within its natural context. It consists of 15 different stories written for French learners. Students first simply notice when a grammar point is used, before learning it, internalizing how to use it, and finally reproducing in on their own.

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If you’re interested in taking online French classes, italki is the place to go. On this platform, there are hundreds of teachers that you can book classes from. The classes are quite affordable, especially when compared with other options. You can also find language exchange partners and submit your writing to be corrected by members of their community for free.

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Speechling is one of the best ways to improve your spoken French – both pronunciation and rhythm. They make it easy to record yourself speaking and compare it to native speakers. For free, you can also access a bunch of extra study materials, like dictation, quizzes, listening practice, and more. The paid version lets you submit unlimited recordings to be corrected by a teacher. 

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Lawless French

This website is completely free and offers a ton of useful information for those studying French, regardless of their current level. There are grammar lessons, listening practice, pronunciation guides, speaking tips, quizzes and tests, and a whole bunch more. The site is definitely worth checking out.

Language Transfer

Language Transfer is a fantastic beginner level audio course that’s completely free. The French course has 40 lessons with most lasting between 8-12 minutes. The instructor, Mihalis, teaches a student French by using what he calls, ‘The Thinking Method.’ This works great as it gets students to really understand how the French language works.

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Lingodeer is a newer app for learning several languages, including French. It’s fairly similar to Duolingo where you learn the language by completing a lot of short exercises. However, I prefer Lingodeer because it’s a bit more comprehensive. It includes more grammar explanations and the audio quality of recorded sentences is much better. While it’s not completely free, a subscription isn’t expensive. 

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Babbel is a well-known online language-learning platform with over 1 million active users. It’s available on the web, for iOS, and for Android. Its goal is to get learners to a conversational level as quickly as possible through the use of a variety of exercises and spaced repetition for review. The courses are well put together and relatively inexpensive compared to other resources that exist. Overall a decent resource for those looking to learn French.

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News In Slow French

News in Slow French is definitely one of the most fun ways to study the language. They offer a weekly podcast episode discussing current events, spoken at a slower pace, made specifically for French learners. You’ll also find important grammar and expressions in the episodes, as well as on their website with quizzes and explanations. There are lessons available for everyone from beginner to advanced level learners.

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Much like Duolingo, Memrise is an extremely popular free resource for language learning. There are lots of French courses, some added by Memrise and others by users. It’s best for studying vocabulary but there are courses for other topics as well. The content is taught through flashcards and there are a lot of game-like elements that make them a bit more fun.

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