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Story Learning Review French

StoryLearning French Uncovered

Rating 4.0


StoryLeaning French Uncovered comes from Olly Richards, the creator of the super popular polyglot blog. It’s quite a bit different than most courses as it revolves around an engaging story. It can be a bit more challenging than other courses, as you begin reading somewhat long texts right off the bat. Overall, I found it to be a more fun way to approach language learning that will be great for some but not ideal for others.

Quality 4.0

The instruction is clear but can have too much information crammed into a single lesson.

Thoroughness 4.0

You’ll practice every aspect of the language.

Value 4.0

It has a pretty high price, but if you stick with it, you’ll get good value from it.

I Like
  • Unique course structure
  • Strong focus on listening comprehension
  • Immersion approach to building fluency
I Don’t Like
  • No direct speaking software
  • Costs more than many app-based subscription courses

A one-time purchase costs $297. Multiple course bundles offer huge discounts. There’s also a 7-day free trial.

StoryLearning’s French Uncovered course promises to help you learn French fluently in the natural way a child learns language, by communicating via story. The program’s unique teaching method does not use the parrot-like match or repeat structure associated with many other language learning programs. 

Instead, French Uncovered engages you in an ongoing narrative and helps you analyze grammar, cultural elements, and other essential language components in the story. This method helps you permanently learn French instead of just storing new words in your short-term memory.

StoryLearning French Uncovered Course Overview

The online course is structured in 10 chapters. Each chapter introduces the ongoing narrative as well as seven separate lessons, focusing on elements like grammar, culture, speaking practice, and listening comprehension.

Lessons begin with either a video or audio clip, followed by directed activities or games to help you master the content.  

Pros of StoryLearning French Uncovered:

  • Unique course structure
  • Strong focus on listening comprehension
  • Immersion approach to building fluency

Cons of StoryLearning French Uncovered:

  • No direct speaking software
  • Costs more than many app-based subscription courses

Things to Consider Before Buying French Uncovered 

Some of the hardest aspects of learning French include mastering silent letters and French pronunciation. Learning verb conjugations can also take a significant amount of work for many English speakers.

When you read a word in French and then hear it spoken, you may find yourself scratching your head. This is because many French words use silent letters that you don’t pronounce when you say the word out loud. A good French course will help you learn the rules around silent letters so that you can safely pronounce words like beaucoup (many) or heureux (happy).

Because of silent letters, as well as the accents used in many French words, listening comprehension is one of the key skills you need to focus on to truly learn French, too.

Of course, you will need to develop your speaking skills as well as your listening skills to truly communicate in French! Many French students find pronunciation quite a challenge, so look for a program that enables speaking practice.

French grammar does share many similarities with English grammar, but it presents unique challenges like verb conjugations and gendered nouns, too. You will want to make sure your French course emphasizes these grammar concepts.

Features and Benefits of Storylearning’s French Uncovered course

French Uncovered offers many great features including a unique narrative structure, a focus on grammar, and excellent listening comprehension activities.

Narrative Hook

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One great feature of French Uncovered is that it uses a narrative structure to introduce each chapter. The ongoing story follows a group of students who discover a mysterious book in the library and follow clues in the book as they travel through French cities. 

The story also takes the students to many locations such as a restaurant, which is a handy way to help you learn practical words and phrases you will need when traveling in a French-speaking location.

Humans communicate through stories, so using a narrative as a starting point to introduce a new language makes sense. Plus, you begin each chapter by listening to the story in French, then reading it in French, before you move on to analyzing cognates and reading an English translation of the text. This helps build your listening comprehension.

Professional Tutor

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Olly Richards designed the method used in the StoryLearning courses, but each language has its own specialized, professional tutors to present the audio and video lessons within each chapter. This is a great feature of the program because it gives you confidence in the grammar and cultural components of the lesson–you know the material comes from an expert.

Lots of Listening

Every chapter in French Uncovered begins with the next section of the narrative in audio form. You can even download the audio to listen to on the go if you want! 

The focus on listening comprehension will train your ear to pick up the new words, phrases, and grammar concepts you learn later on in the chapter. Plus, the contrast between reading the text in French and listening to it will help you master silent letters.

Focus on Cognates

French and English share a lot of similar words, called cognates. French Uncovered takes advantage of this linguistic similarity by focusing on cognates in the vocabulary lessons. 

Each chapter includes an activity where you highlight any cognates you can find. This helps you rapidly expand your French vocabulary.

Focus on Culture

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One of the great things about French Uncovered is that it includes a lesson focused on culture in each chapter. Language and culture intertwine in many ways, so learning about cultural keystones like the Tour de France will help you gain a stronger grasp of the language. 

Grammar Through Games

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French Uncovered does not have a gamified structure like Duolingo, but it does feature fun grammar activities presented as challenges like this matching game. 

You can access this activity after viewing a 10 to 15-minute video on the new grammar concept. This is a great way to reinforce the new concept and help you permanently remember it.

Speaking Practice

The seventh and final lesson in each chapter provides speaking practice activities. You can follow the cues in a downloadable guide to guide you through practice conversations, or you can watch a short video that helps you practice pronunciation.

That said, French Uncovered does not feature any direct speaking software to allow you to speak into a microphone and receive feedback on your pronunciation. You may find this the biggest drawback of the course.

French Uncovered Cost and Payment Options 

You can purchase StoryLearning’s French Uncovered beginner course for $297. You also get a remarkable one-year guarantee that you can get your money back if you feel you did not become fluent in French after completing the program!

You can check out a free 7-day trial of French Uncovered here. 

Alternatives to the Storyearning French Uncovered course

French Uncovered offers many great features, but you may also want to consider some alternatives.


If you learn best through listening, you may want to check out FrenchPod101. This course offers bite-sized podcast-style lessons that focus on basics like grammar but also branch out into interesting topics like the top 10 superstitions and beliefs in France.

  • Some content is free. After that, you can subscribe for $8/month.
  • Works well for self-directed learners
  • Has no direct speaking practice

You can try out FrenchPod101 here!

Pimsleur French App

If you prefer a more hands-free eyes-free learning approach, Pimsleur’s app-based French course might work well for you. Pimsleur famously offers excellent pronunciation training.

  • Costs $19.95/month
  • Offers direct speaking software as well as audio lessons
  • Does not have much visual focus

Click here to subscribe to Pimsleur’s French app!


StoryLearning’s French Uncovered course offers a unique approach to language learning. It focuses on many of the pain points you will face while learning French, such as understanding verb conjugations and other grammar challenges. It also emphasizes listening comprehension and provides lessons on French cultural elements. 

The only drawback to this engaging course is that it does not currently feature any direct speaking software to provide pronunciation feedback.

If French Uncovered sounds like a fun way to learn a new language, click here to access a free trial!

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