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Language Learning Discounts

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Languages​: ​English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian,Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese

Discount: Save 10% on an unlimited plan with the promo code ‘ALR123’

Speechling is a website and app that makes it easy to improve your speaking skills in several languages. The free version is a valuable resource that makes it easy to practice mimicking native speakers. The Unlimited Plan provides unlimited corrections of your recordings by a teacher. Review

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Innovative Language

Languages​: Available in Over 35 Languages

Discount: Use the coupon code “ALLLANGUAGERESOURCES” to save 25% on a subscription.

The resources in this category do more than just provide listening practice, but it’s one of their strong suits. In SpanishPod101 alone, for example, there are almost 2000 audio lessons. Most of these are catered toward lower language levels, but they’re quality. Review of Spanishpod101.

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Languages​: ​Over 50 Languages

Discount: Use the coupon code “SAVENOW” to save up to 25% on Pimsleur

Pimsleur’s courses primarily focus on oral language. As such, your speaking and listening skills will improve faster with Pimsleur compared with other language courses. The coupon code only applies if you’re purchasing a course and not a monthly subscription. Review.

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Languages​: Spanish

Discount: If you sign-up using our link, you’ll get $10 off your first month.

Baselang offers unlimited Spanish classes for $149/month. It’s much more than just a tutoring service though as they also have an excellent curriculum, along with elective lessons and assessments. I was really impressed with Baselang. Anyone with enough time and money to fully utilize the service should strongly consider using it. Review.

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Languages​: ​Over 20 Languages

Discount: Save 35% on an annual premium plan from the link below.

LingQ is a language learning platform that makes it easy to read and listen to interesting content at varying difficulty levels. As you read, words will be marked as known and LingQ tracks the total number of words you “know”. The content comes from lots of different places. They also make it very easy to upload your own content. ​Review​.

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Ripeti Con Me

Languages​: ​Italian

Discount: Use the promo code “ALRRCM” to save 10%

Ripeti Con Me is an Italian course that’s similar in style to Glossika but fixes many of the problems I have with it. It teaches the language intuitively and requires you to speak throughout the lessons. Not everyone will love the lesson style but it’ll definitely improve your speaking rhythm and understanding of Italian. Review​.

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Red Kalinka

Languages​: Russian

Discount: Save 20% each month on a subscription to Red Kalinka by signing up through the link below

The ‘Largest Russian School in the World’, Red Kalinka has lots of different products that will get you learning Russian. Its main course – Red Kalinka Russian Course – is very well thought-out and will certainly improve both beginners’ and intermediates’ reading, writing and comprehension skills. While it is not the most entertaining thing in the world, the videos and exercises are exceptionally thorough. Without a doubt, if you stick with this course, your Russian will become very good. ​Review

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Languages​: ​KOREAN

Discount: Save $15 on your first purchase with the coupon code ‘ALR’

90 Day Korean is an excellent Korean course. The way that the material is structured and the simple manner that it’s explained make the language feel much less intimidating than I expected. Split up into four 90-day modules, 90 Day Korean can take you from not knowing any Korean and get you to a relatively high level. I highly recommend it! ​Review​.

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Languages​: ​Korean

Discount: Save ~10% on a subscription using the coupon code ‘ALR003’

Teuida is a Korean learning app that’s available for iOS and Android, with instructions in English or Vietnamese. The app takes a unique approach to language teaching by simulating conversations, including some featuring K-Pop star Nancy from Momoland. Users of the app have the opportunity to get lots of speaking practice and feedback on pronunciation through voice recognition technology. ​Review​.

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Languages​: ​German

Discount: Free German articles mini-course (learn der, das, die for free)

SmarterGerman is much different than every other language learning course I’ve tried. Each lesson corresponds with a chapter from a German crime story. Through these lessons, and lots of exercises, this course will help you reach the B1 level. Unlike most courses where there’s a lot of spoon feeding of information, this course pushes you to use your critical thinking skills. Review.

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Languages​: ​Over 60 Languages

Discount: Save $5 on a subscription by clicking the link below.

Glossika has learning resources for over fifty languages that impressively range from Armenian and Czech to Icelandic and Tagalog. While not suitable for absolute beginners, lower intermediates could use the resource to familiarise themselves with sentences in their language of choice using Glossika’s intuitive approach. Review.

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Languages​: ​Spanish

Discount: Mention ALR to get a free month of group classes with any private class purchase.

SpanishVIP is a service that connects students and teachers of Spanish for online video lessons. It offers an “unlimited lessons” model for a monthly subscription and could be extremely cost effective for learners that take several lessons per week. It’s best suited for learners of Latin American Spanish at any level that want to improve their listening and speaking skills. It might not be the best fit if you’re mostly interested in Iberian Spanish or if you live in an Asian time zone. Review.

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ELSA Speak

Languages​: ​American English

Discount: Save 10% with the coupon code ‘ALRELSA’. Note: The discount is only available from the link below and not within the app itself.

ELSA, whose name stands for English Language Speech Assistant, is an AI-powered English pronunciation app and a serious contender for the position of your virtual pronunciation coach. It has a free and paid-for version, and is geared toward non-native English speakers who want to talk in a neutral American accent, improve their fluency, and speak with confidence. Review.

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Languages​: ​Chinese and Japanese

Discount: Use the coupon code “alllanguageresources” to get 45% off on first month. You can also try it for free with a one week trial period.

Skritter is a powerful tool for learning to write in Chinese or Japanese. You can use it to practice writing on your phone with your finger. It uses spaced repetition to make sure your time is used efficiently. For those serious about improving their writing skills, it’s the best resource around.

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Yoyo Chinese

Languages​: ​Chinese

Discount: You can save 15% on any course or bundle by using the promo code “10NRES”.

Yoyo Chinese is probably the most established and popular website for online Chinese courses. Yangyang has helped hundreds of thousands of students learn Chinese and her videos have been viewed millions of times. There are several different video-based courses available which include interactive quizzes, clear explanations, and tons of practice, with each progressing in difficulty. I think the conversational courses are especially good value. Review.

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The Chairman’s Bao

Languages​: ​Chinese

Discount: Use the coupon code ‘alr10’ to save 10% on a subscription to The Chairman’s Bao

The Chairman’s Bao (TCB) is an online graded newspaper for learners of Chinese. New articles covering current events in China and abroad are published daily, and the difficulty levels range from HSK1 to HSK6+. Additional features include audio recordings, a pop-up dictionary, grammar notes, flashcards, and more. This is one of my favorite resources for studying Chinese. Review.

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Languages​: Chinese

Discount: Use the promo code “alr15off” to save 15% on a subscription to ChineseFor.Us

ChineseFor.Us has impressively well-made online Chinese courses. The content is explained extremely well, in a simple manner, and with a lot of depth. Although they don’t yet offer courses for intermediate and higher levels, the beginner content is excellent. Review.

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Du Chinese

Languages​: ​Chinese

Discount: Use the promo code “alr10dc” to save 10% on a subscription to Du Chinese

Du Chinese is one of the best resources for learning Chinese. This app will help you to improve your Chinese reading skills, as well as listening comprehension. There are articles across six different levels – from Beginner to Master. The design of this app is absurdly good, making it exceptionally easy to use. The biggest weakness is that new content isn’t added frequently enough. Review.

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Mandarin Blueprint

Languages​: ​Chinese

Discount: Save 20% with the coupon code ‘ALR20’

Mandarin Blueprint is an online course for learning Mandarin Chinese. It teaches the language through videos and flashcards on the Anki flashcard app. It also makes use of the Hanzi Movie Method, which is a mnemonic memorization technique involving visualizations. The course is very thorough and designed for absolute beginners looking to build a solid foundation in Mandarin. Review.

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Languages​: ​Chinese

Discount: Use the promo code “ALR15OFF” to save 15% on a subscription to Ninchanese.

Ninchanese is one of the most unique resources for learning Chinese. It’s a mixture between a course and a game and manages to do quite well in both regards – being both fun and extensive. You’ll need to use a few other resources to cover a few gaps that Ninchanese has. However, it’s one of the best tools for learning Chinese that I’ve come across. Review.

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Languages​: Chinese

Discount: Use the promo code “ALLLANGUAGERESOURCES” to save 15% on all three-month and annual subscriptions, as well as packs.

Zizzle is one of the most unique tools for learning Chinese. This app will help you memorize Chinese Characters. First, they break down the character into its component parts. Then, they use ridiculous images and a short story to remember these components. Next, they use characters and link words to help you remember the tone and pronunciation of the character. Finally, they give you example words and sentences using the character. At first glance, the app looks rather silly. But, it really does make remembering characters much easier. Review.

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Zizzle is an app that uses mnemonics to learn chinese characters

Chinese Zero to Hero!

Languages​: Chinese

Discount: Use the promo code “ALR10” to save 10% off any course at Chinese Zero to Hero!

I like Chinese Zero to Hero! a lot. Their courses cover HSK1-6 of the HSK Standard Course textbooks. While it’s not in-depth enough to be the only resource you use, few courses are. It’s a great option for those looking to add structure into their independent study routine or are preparing for the HSK tests. It isn’t meant to be a replacement for a textbook, but those with textbook phobia would really benefit from this course. Review.

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Outlier Linguistics

Languages​: Chinese

Discount: Use the coupon code ‘ALR20‘ to save 20%

Outlier Linguistics is amazing if you want to really geek out about Chinese characters and figure everything out about them – their components, origins, evolution, and more. These dictionaries are available as an add-on in the Pleco app and available in both Simplified or Traditional characters. But, beyond simply being interesting, learning more about how characters are constructed and have changed over time, can help make them more meaningful, and therefore, easier to remember.

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Super Chinese

Languages​: Chinese

Discount: Save 15% with the coupon code ‘alr15’

Super Chinese is an app for learning Mandarin that claims to help users, “Learn efficiently using our proprietary artificial intelligence.” Produced by the creators of HSKOnline, it’s available for iOS and Android, is free to download, and requires a subscription for full access. Language practice happens in a variety of interactive exercises that test learners’ abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Mandarin. Review.

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HSK Online

Languages​: Chinese

Discount: Save 15% with the coupon code ‘alr15’

HSK Online is an app that focuses on helping learners prepare for the HSK exams. However, just because it’s a test prep app, doesn’t mean that only those interested in taking the HSK tests can find value in using it. It can help you improve your vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, writing, and even take practice exams.

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GoEast Mandarin

Languages​: ​Chinese

Discount: Mention ‘All Language Resources’ to get a $20 discount on your purchase.

GoEast Mandarin offers in-person classes in Shanghai as well as online courses. This review will focus on their online course, which offers a blended approach with self-study lessons and private 1-1 lessons. Their teachers are excellent and the self-study content is solid. Although the high cost will be prohibitively expensive for many people, when considering everything included, the price becomes much more reasonable. Review.

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