Most Recommended Resources For Learning Chinese


Pleco is a must-have resource for anyone studying Chinese. This iOS and Android dictionary app is impressively powerful and filled with useful features - some of which are free and others require paid add-ons. With Pleco, it's easy to look up words, get example sentences, make flashcards, read Chinese documents, look up words from your phone's camera, and so much more.


ChineseFor.Us is a much newer online Chinese course, having only covered the beginner levels so far. But, the course is very good and exceptionally thorough. Even better, it's very affordable, costing only $9.99/mo if you subscribe for six months at a time. There are lots of interactive quizzes and well-produced videos, while also being HSK integrated. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a course to get started with. Review.

The Chairman's Bao

The Chairman's Bao is one of my most used resources for studying Chinese. On their apps and website, you'll find news stories written at various difficulty levels. These articles cover a variety of interesting topics and can be quite fun to read and listen to. Additionally, there are lots of extra features, such as comprehension exercises, flashcards, writing practice, and more. Review.


Chinesepod is the best podcast to improve your Chinese listening skills

ChinesePod has thousands of lessons available for anyone from absolute beginners to very advanced levels. It's one of the best, and most often recommended resources for studying Chinese. The lessons are in the form of a podcast, typically from 10-20 minutes long. The hosts discuss a dialogue and then explain important vocabulary, grammar, and cultural information. Review.


italki is the most convenient and affordable way to find a Chinese tutor. Teachers set their own prices (often less than $10/hr) and set their own schedule. With hundreds of Chinese tutors available, it's easy to find someone that's a good fit for you. In addition, you can find free language exchange partners, get writing corrected for free, and do much more on their site and app. Review.


Speechling has a number of free tools available to help you improve your Chinese, but my favorite part is that they make it easier to record yourself mimicking Chinese sentences. This makes it easier to get a lot of speaking practice and notice mistakes in your pronunciation. Their paid plans allow users to submit an unlimited number of recordings to be corrected by a teacher. Review.

Yoyo Chinese

Yoyo Chinese has several affordable online Chinese courses for sale, along with a popular Youtube channel. The courses start at the very beginning and work their way to an upper-intermediate level. They're very thorough with lots of videos, clear explanations, interactive quizzes, and more. It's probably the most well-known and widely used online Chinese courses. Review.


HelloChinese is an excellent app that makes it easy to get started studying Chinese without spending any money. They offer tons of lessons with accompanying exercises and explanations. There are also a lot of game-like features that make learning more fun. Much of the content is free, but there are also two paid plans which add in more features including games, podcasts, and more. Review.

Du Chinese

Du Chinese is another excellent app, similar to The Chairman's Bao, that makes it easier to practice reading (and listening) in Chinese. There are articles about lots of different and interesting topics. The app is a bit better for beginners because they also include translations for full sentences, instead of only individual words. It's one of the best-designed app I've used. Review.

Chinese Grammar Wiki

The Chinese Grammar Wiki is an amazing resource that's completely free to use. Grammar points are organized according to difficulty levels. Each grammar point includes very easy to understand explanations and lots of examples. There are over 2000 articles, starting at the A1 level and advancing to the C1 level. This site is definitely worth checking out.


Ninchanese is probably the most unique Chinese course around. It's created in a manner that's similar to a game, where you follow a character to explore different worlds. Despite this, it's still one of the most comprehensive courses around, covering levels from HSK1 to HSK5. There is an abundance of activities that build upon and relate to each other very well. Review.

Chinese Zero to Hero!

Chinese Zero to Hero! is a course that follows the HSK Standard Course textbook series. The course takes you from HSK 1 up to HSK 6 and includes lots of videos, along with some exercises. I think it's a really good course for independent learners that like to use several different resources to study. This way, they're able to add some structure to their learning and avoid knowledge gaps. Review.

SimSums Chinese

SimSums was created to make more interesting reading material for intermediate and higher level learners. These are non-fiction book summaries, written in an easier to understand way and narrated in Chinese. There are three free downloads available - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steve Jobs, and The 5 Love Languages. You can download them here. 

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