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Hit Chinese Mini-Review: Immersion practice for Beginners

Hit Chinese
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In Hit Chinese, Mia uses comprehensible input to teach Mandarin Chinese. Her YouTube videos sometimes use writing and drawing to tell stories, while other times they focus on her body language with subtitles on the side. 

Mia is very expressive and uses props, images, drawing and acting to deliver her message effectively. In the first section, she will tell you a story or say a series of phrases while giving you enough time to repeat after her. Next, you will have the chance to respond to questions using the same sentences.

The videos cover a range of topics with both basic and specialized vocabulary. Although the channel doesn’t have a lot of videos yet, those that are available seem most appropriate for beginners with a basic understanding of Chinese. Nevertheless, they are engaging enough that lower-intermediate learners can benefit from them as well.

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