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mylingua Mini Review: Content That Matches Your Skill Level



Freemium; $15/month, $120/year


Are you an intermediate or advanced learner of Mandarin Chinese looking for content that perfectly matches your skill level and caters to your interests? We’ve got an awesome resource for you. 

Mylingua is a web app that takes personalization to the next level. It identifies your proficiency level, your interests and favorite topics and introduces you to content that best fits your proficiency level. As you read and engage with the interface, you’re able to identify what you already know and what you would like to learn.
So how does this work? Well, mylingua aggregates over 5000 articles daily from China and Taiwan and compares your skill level to the articles. Their AI then calculates the mylingua score, which helps you assess the readability of articles. Content pieces with higher scores are compared to your interest and ranked accordingly, presenting a perfectly personalized feed. Every user input feeds mylingua’s AI to help refine further suggestions. So as you advance, so does your feed and the content presented to you.
What makes mylingua different from other language learning platforms such as Duolingo or Babbel is that, it takes advantage of the existing authentic content on the web, meaning that you can still benefit from the app even as you advance. The level of personalization exceeds that of LingQ, Dot Languages, FluentU etc. Mylingua believes that personalization is a key driver of the motivation of language learners.

So if you’re looking for a resource that provides comprehensible input, keeps you motivated by presenting authentic content that appeals to your interests and pushes you to advance and improve your language skills, then you should check out mylingua.

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