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Laoshi Mini Review: Great Resource for Learning Chinese Vocabulary



Freemium; $8.99/month, $44.99/year


Are you having a hard time learning, managing and remembering Chinese words and vocabulary? We might have a great resource to help you with that. 

Laoshi is a Chinese learning app (available for iOS, android and web app) that uses science and data to help you learn Chinese. It covers some of the most important aspects of learning Chinese such as: meaning, pronunciation, tone and handwriting, while also tackling an issue faced by lots of other Chinese learning platforms, word managing.
To help you learn Chinese, Laoshi offers; thousands of digitized grammar topics and wordlists that are categorized into topics, books and exams and a great handwriting tool to help you learn Chinese words and characters. Laoshi uses SRS (spaced Repetition System) to make learning and retaining vocabulary easier for you. You’ll also benefit from Laoshi’s in-app community, where you can create and share your own wordlists with fellow learners. Although Laoshi isn’t gamified, you can still learn a lot from it.

There may be some complexity with the app as a result of the number of learning tools available, however, its beautiful and intuitive design, as well as the high recommendations from Chinese language teachers, makes Laoshi a great option for learning Chinese.

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