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Chineasy app

Rating 4.5

Freemium, $12.99/Month, $49.99/Year, $149.99/Lifetime


Chineasy is an excellent introduction to both traditional and simplified Chinese for any beginner learner. The lessons will help you remember the characters through short, fascinating histories of their origins and the colorful artwork. As you learn about the characters, you also discover how beautiful the Chinese culture is. 

Each of the 500 plus levels will introduce new characters, combine ones you’ve already learned, and quiz you in various formats. You can further your learning with speaking training, which will train your comprehension of the tones and help you replicate them through pronunciation practice. If you struggle with writing characters—whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner— you may find that Chineasy’s Practice Writing feature makes it a lot easier. The app also includes an SRS flashcard option to help you practice and retain Chinese vocabulary. When you review vocabulary, you can swipe right or left to sort them and track your performance stats. 

Moreover, Chineasy includes a test function called Check Points to help test your progress accordingly and move forward to the next level. As you advance, you’ll be able to recognize over a thousand Chinese characters and words in your daily conversations across different topics. 

As a beginner resource, Chineasy helps you grasp the basics of the Chinese language from Chinese characters and words to helping you practice your speaking, reading & writing. You’ll have access to real-life, practical content that’ll get you communicating not only with fellow learners but also with native speakers. Aside from the app, Chineasy offers additional learning materials in the form of blog posts, videos & podcasts. 

Nevertheless, even intermediate learners will probably find the history of the characters interesting. You may not be fluent at the end of the lessons, but you will most likely become confident with basic pronunciation and characters. With the app’s attractive user interface and engaging content, learning Chinese as a beginner couldn’t be more enjoyable.

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