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30 Awesome YouTube Channels For Learning French

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Compared to some languages, written French can be easy for English speakers to learn, since it derives a lot of words from the same Latin roots – just like Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. But for new students, it can be hard to get used to French pronunciation. Words that look one way sound altogether different when spoken aloud.

That’s why YouTube videos and podcasts are among the best ways to improve your French. Not only will you get familiar with different accents and dialects, but you’ll get to see how native speakers pronounce their words and can follow along with on-screen subtitles.

Fortunately, there are dozens of great YouTube channels out there, including videos by French teachers. As you improve your grammar and vocabulary, you can move on to videos produced by native French speakers and YouTube stars to practice your listening comprehension skills.

You won’t run out of videos anytime soon. We’ve put together this list of the top YouTube channels to learn French to help you get started. Bonne chance!

For Beginners

These channels are perfect for new students looking for introductory lessons with handy grammar tips and vocabulary guides. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, or brushing up on the material you learned in French class, these videos are a good place to start.

Learn French With Vincent

Learn French With Vincent is one of the most popular YouTube channels for learning the language. With over 735,000 subscribers, Vincent must be doing something right!

His videos are helpfully categorized into units, so you can start here from zero, without any previous French language experience. Or, you can dive into Units 1 or 2 to practice your pronunciation and learn some basic phrases. Intermediate students can move on to dialogues and dictation to practice their comprehension skills. Some of the other videos include “Learn French in 5 Days” and “1500+ French Phrases For the Summer,” and there’s additional premium content at

Learn French With Alexa

Alexa is a popular YouTube teacher, with over 634,000 subscribers. Most of her videos feature her talking directly to the camera, so it’s like having your own one-on-one French teacher. She also uses fun backgrounds and animations to keep things interesting.

Start with her French Essentials playlist, then move on to her videos on vocabulary and verbs. She also occasionally does livestream Q&As and other fun videos, such as how to make French toast (in French, of course!).

These are great videos for learning the basics and gradually progressing to intermediate material, all with a fun and entertaining instructor to help you along!


FrenchPod101 is one of the most comprehensive language-learning resources you can find. Although some the content is only available to subscribers (which starts around $8 per month), there are plenty of free podcasts and video lessons on YouTube.

You can start with basic videos that introduce the top 25 nouns or verbs in French, or try some more in-depth content, like the “Top 10 Hardest French Words to Pronounce” or “Top 10 French Phrases That Make You Look Like A Fool.” There’s even a video to teach you 40 abbreviations you need to know when texting in French!

You can tune into the 24/7 channel to learn new phrases throughout the day, or watch a series of cartoons that show you how to order food or buy groceries in French. For more information about a FrenchPod101 subscription, I’d suggest reading our review.

Learn French With Pascal

This is a great channel for visual learners. Most of the videos feature short dialogues with simple animations, with the French words and their translations written on screen. You can watch the videos in order, or focus on specific topics, such as how to describe your body or how to use the word “pas” to create negative phrases in French.

Pascal also has a website that includes additional lessons, including French lessons for speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. Plus, there are several videos for kids in which a rat named “Ratounet” sings about colors, numbers, and other simple phrases.


This is another channel that teaches basic words and phrases. The images are the kind that you might find in a beginner textbook, making it easy to follow along. But what’s nice about this channel is it contains a variety of other content too, including 100 dialogues in French with English translations, as well as some songs and interactive quizzes.

They also have dialogues with Spanish translations, making this a good option to learn French for native Spanish speakers.


JeFrench is a YouTube channel that’s suitable for beginners, with simple videos that will teach you a few basic phrases and how to count in French. It won’t take you as far along as some of the other channels but is worth checking out for a few easy lessons.

The Travel Linguist

This playlist is aimed at people who are interested in learning French in order to travel abroad. The videos are focused on travel-related topics, including greetings, shopping, asking for directions, and safety. The lessons are simple, and typically include a short phrase or line dialogue that you’ll be prompted to speak aloud. This is a great way to practice your pronunciation before arriving in Paris!


This channel is hosted by a guy with an American accent, who proposes that “anyone can speak French.” He’s not a trained instructor, so his lessons don’t go very in-depth and you may be impatient for him to move through the material. But if you’re new at French and need a confidence boost from a friendly American, give it a try!

Corner French Bistro

Corner French Bistro is a YouTube channel that features animated characters acting out simple dialogues in French. The first lesson takes places in a classroom, with the words written on a chalkboard. You’ll be encouraged to repeat the phrases aloud.

This is a great series to get you comfortable speaking aloud in French. However, the characters are voiced by a computer, so they aren’t “authentic” native speakers. You’ll notice that their voices sound a little robotic.

For intermediate learners, there are also videos in which the characters read excerpts from Madame Bovary aloud. This is a great way to practice your listening skills, but again, you’ll have to get used to the robotic voices!


This channel offers simple videos introducing you to the basics: the alphabet, days of the week, numbers, and so on, as well as some vocabulary, such as clothing, body parts, and vegetables. They aren’t the most interesting videos, but they leave room for you to repeat the words aloud, making them a good option to practice your pronunciation.

Walk, Talk, and Learn French

This video series is produced by the Radio Lingua network, the team behind Coffee Break French and other language lessons. These videos were made in 2009, so they may seem a little dated, but they’re great because they take you around the city and show you what the street signs and advertisements in Paris really mean!

Hosts Pierre-Benoît and Mark helpfully translate various expressions that may or may not have a direct translation in English. You’ll learn some new phrases and be prepared to decipher some street signs on your own the next time you find yourself in France!

Monde des Titounis

If you’re learning French as a family, this is a great YouTube channel you can watch with your kids. It’s intended for native French speakers, so all of the dialogue is in French, but the familiar nursery rhymes and fairy tales will make it easy to follow along. You can use this video series to introduce your kids (and yourself!) to beginner French vocabulary.


Once you’re comfortable with basic grammar and vocabulary, you can move on to these intermediate YouTube channels. They’re still aimed at language learners but may have more complex lessons, fewer translations, or more conversations with native speakers. Use them to practice your comprehension and learn new accents and dialects.

Easy French

The Easy French YouTube series is one of the best ways to learn how people on the street actually talk to each other. Each video consists of real-life interviews with native French speakers on cultural topics, ranging from the political to the philosophical.

You’ll learn what French students think of the “yellow vest” movement, and what’s up with all of the cheek-kissing (known as la bise) in Paris. Some of the videos are set in Quebec, so you’ll pick up on some Canadian expressions and slang as well.

The presenters all speak clearly, and each video has a transcription in French and a translation in English to help you follow along.

Français Authentique

In this video series, native French speaker Johan will help you learn “authentic French” pronunciation and expressions. All of the videos are in French, so you’ll want to hold off on watching them until you already understand some of the language. But they’re great for intermediate learners who want to improve their grasp of French grammar.

He’ll help you figure out when to use the imparfait and passé composé and other topics that French learners struggle with. He has also created several French courses, available on his website. You can learn more about those courses in our review.

Comme Une Française

Comme Une Française, or “Like A Frenchwoman,” is a YouTube channel hosted by Géraldine, a native French speaker who spent several years living in the U.K. Her goal is to help you speak French fluently and confidently, with videos that will teach you to how to order coffee “like a local” and which embarrassing mistakes to avoid.

You’ll learn some slang, jokes and puns, faux-pas, and more. Her lessons are great for intermediate learners because they’re all about improving your French and assume you already have some experience learning the basics. That said, there are some playlists for beginners here too, so check them out no matter how far along you are.

Oh La La, I Speak French

While Oh La La, I Speak French has some good beginner lessons, what really sets it apart is its intermediate material. There’s a playlist that focuses on French for travelers, French slang and swear words, and more.

There’s also a web series in which Sofia goes to Hollywood to meet her sister Lili for the first time. If you’re tired of formal lessons, then following along with this 30-episode web series may be just what you need. The dialogue is at the A1 level, so you should be familiar with most of the vocabulary from the beginner courses.

The only downside is that the videos don’t have transcriptions, just English translations, so it’s a little harder to test yourself and see how much you comprehend.

Français avec Pierre

This YouTube channel is another great option for beginners who want to level up their skills. Although Pierre does have some videos for newbies, it’s his intermediate videos that really stand out. Choose from his playlist on French culture to find videos about the holidays and seasons in France, or the recipe playlist to learn a new French recipe.

There’s also a playlist of stories in French, so you can practice your comprehension, and a series of videos to help you master French language exams like the DELF. Pierre and his co-host Noemi also have several premium courses available if you like their style.

Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo are two energetic young Americans who create YouTube videos in three different languages: English, French, and Portuguese. You can join them as they travel all over the world speaking a different language each day of the week. While they aren’t native speakers, they have a pretty good ear for accents and offer some useful tips on how to sound French when you speak.

Follow My French with Aurella

This is a fun channel to watch for intermediate speakers who need a bit of inspiration as they learn French. Aurella is a native English speaker who has recorded her experience learning French on YouTube. She’ll show you what worked for her and what didn’t, and even has a few montages so you can see her progression over the years.

Her channel includes travel videos in Paris and a whole playlist devoted to “How to Be Vegan in France.” Most of the videos have subtitles and translations, and there’s even one about how to practice the letter “r” by using place names from Game of Thrones! Occasionally she’s joined by her French boyfriend Max.


These channels are great for advanced learners who want to fully immerse themselves in French-language media. You’ll find YouTube stars, comedians, and popular travel and cooking shows that will help you improve your listening comprehension skills. You can use these videos to pick up new accents and learn more about French culture.

Bruno Maltor

Bruno Maltor is a travel blogger who makes a living sharing his adventures on Instagram and YouTube. His narration is entirely in French, so you’ll be able to practice your skills while following along on his travels. You can turn on the subtitles if you need some extra help, or just enjoy the beautiful footage from Taiwan, Guatemala, and other locations.

Florence Foresti

Florence Foresti is a stand-up comedian who makes videos about motherhood, gender roles, and more. On her YouTube channel, you can watch clips from her recent comedy show Madame, as well as comedy sketches, parodies, and other short video clips. Use this channel to immerse yourself in the language and learn more about French humor.


Cyprien is a popular French YouTube star who makes videos about studying abroad, his life as a French-Romanian, and his first visit to Romania since he was 15. His videos are all in French but have subtitles in English. He also has an audio series that will give you the experience of listening to a silly science-fiction radio show in French.


Norman is another YouTube star who makes funny videos in French that will help you practice your comprehension. If you enjoy sketch comedy, this channel is for you. Watch as Norman explores French cuisine while making fun of his own cooking skills. Try to following along in French, and turn on the English subtitles if you need them.

750 Grammes

For a more traditional cooking show, check out 750 Grammes, which features hundreds of recipes organized into different categories, including soups, pastries, entrees, and any other dish you can think of. Practice your listening skills while following along with a hands-on activity you can do at home.

Serge le Mytho

Serge le Mytho is a web series produced by Canal+ that translates to “Serge the Liar.” It follows a character who is a compulsive liar, and is a good introduction to French slang and pop culture. There are no subtitles, so this is best for more advanced students.


For food enthusiasts, you can’t beat the Fast Good Cuisine channel, which has recipes, food challenges, restaurant reviews, and more. You’ll get to learn a bit about French fast food (yes, it’s a thing!) and laugh as Charles reviews the “worst” kitchen products. With plenty of subtitles in French, you shouldn’t have too much trouble following along.

Alice Esmeralda

Alice Esmeralda is a vegan YouTuber who shares recipes and healthy eating ideas. If you’re looking for an inspirational YouTube channel with plenty of recipes to try at home, give this channel a try. Check out her “Vegan in Paris” video if you plan to visit France and want to know some of the best vegan and vegetarian spots!

Amelie Barbeau

Amelie Barbeau is a YouTuber from Quebec, so this is a great channel to check out if you want to practice your Canadian French. Her videos are aimed at women and focus on fashion, DIY projects, decorating your room, and other “life hacks.” Check out her playlist on book recommendations for some ideas for reading material in French.


Several of these channels are meant for women, so here’s one for the guys. If you want to practice your French with a couple of dudes sitting on the couch talking, then Bloqués is the channel for you. They talk about all sorts of topics, from the philosophical (“if I were rich”) to the mundane. The actors are two hip-hop stars from Normandy, so you’ll learn plenty of slang and everyday French from this playlist of over 100 videos.

Golden Moustache

The Golden Moustache channel is sort of like the College Humor of France. You’ll find Star Wars and Game of Thrones parodies, plus a premium half-hour series called Les Emmerdeurs that’s set during World War II. You’ll find plenty to choose from (and laugh at) on this wide-ranging comedy channel, all with French subtitles to help you along.

Final Thoughts

French is a great language to learn on YouTube because there are so many different channels offering insight into the French way of life!

In addition to introductory lessons, you can enjoy videos from YouTubers on any topic, from cooking and travel to comedy and video games. Incorporate these videos into your daily routine and you’ll learn to speak French like a native Parisian or Québécois in no time!

If you’re looking for something a bit more structured, check out our top recommendations for online French courses.

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