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The 24 Best Youtube Channels For Learning German In 2022

Youtube is a fantastic resource for studying German. Similar to podcasts, they’re a great way to add some extra listening practice to your study routine. While they may lack the built-in structure of some online German courses or even apps, they’re nevertheless super useful.

Incorporating Youtube videos into your routine can make studying German a lot more fun. Not only that, since they’re created by native German speakers, you’ll get a more in-depth look at what the life of a German “Youtuber” or “Vlogger” is all about.

In the process, you’ll improve your German and understanding of German culture.

Here are 25 of the top German YouTube channels for you to add to your playlist. We’ve sorted them into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories so you can find the ones that are the right fit for your current level.

For Beginners

If you’re just starting out learning German, then try one of these YouTube channels first. They’re often created to be similar to language lessons.


As you look for resources to study German, you’re bound to encounter GermanPod101. This is a subscription-based site that includes 1,000s of audio and video lessons, transcripts, flashcards, and more. However, I found their paid service to be pretty disappointing. But, you don’t have to be a member to benefit from GermanPod101’s free YouTube channel.

There are several playlists to choose from, including the Introduction to German playlist that covers German grammar, pronunciation, and writing. There are also videos such as “Top 10 Phrases your Parents Always Say” or “Top 10 Phrases You’ll Need For A Date”. The videos are well-produced and very modern, and include helpful on-screen text so you can follow along. There’s also a 24/7 live YouTube channel with a variety of hosts who will introduce you to new vocabulary and useful phrases.

Learn German with Herr Antrim

Herr Antrim is a high school German teacher who has been teaching for over a decade. He takes a fun and slightly nerdy approach to language-learning, with English-based instructions that make it easy to follow along. His videos are categorized according to difficulty level, so you can start with Level A1 to practice your pronunciation then move on to Level A2 for scripted dialogues. Advanced learners can take part in live online Master Classes that cover topics such as the genitive case.

Most of the content is available for free, but you can purchase more lessons from Herr Antrim’s site or subscribe on Patreon for worksheets and transcripts. You can also join the YouTube video channel for $4.99 per month.


smarterGerman is a fantastic website that created my favorite online German course. Michael is an excellent teacher who really gets you to think about how German works and uses stories as a method for instruction.

Although you have to purchase most of their lessons, you can access quite a bit of content for free on YouTube, including fun songs to help you learn articles, cases, suffixes, and more. Michael also gives lots of advice about how to tackle learning German. Definitely worth checking out!

Easy Online German

Easy Online German is a great resource for students looking for a formal lesson style with a native speaker. The host places a particular emphasis on pronunciation, and her lessons are intended for beginners rather than intermediate learners. She records the episodes from home and occasionally throws in some cartoons and other fun videos, like a song to help you memorize German numbers.


This is a bare-bones YouTube channel that can help improve your listening skills. The host never appears on camera, but reads vocabulary lists, poems, and other content in German, with transcripts and English translations on screen. There aren’t any “lessons” here, but there are hundreds of videos to help boost your German vocabulary.

Deutsch für Euch

Deutsch für Euch, or “German for You,” is one of the most popular YouTube channels for learning German. The host describes herself as a “goofy girl” who brings a fun attitude to her lessons. Since the lessons are offered in English, they’re suitable for new learners, and the videos are categorized by level so you can work through all of the A1 videos in order if you’re just starting out. She also offers “storytime” episodes so that intermediate learners can practice their listening comprehension skills.

Deutsch Happen

Deutsch Happen is a YouTube channel hosted by Kirsten Winkler. Her lessons alternate between Powerpoint presentation as well as cursive written in real-time, so they’re great for visual learners who want to see the host write the words as she speaks them. While the channel hasn’t been updated in a while, there are dozens of videos available for all learning levels and on a variety of topics.

Learn German

Learn German is a great resource for studying grammar and vocabulary. The lessons are free and cover everything from A1 – C2. Since there’s no on-camera host, you may not find them as engaging as some of the other channels, but they’re perfect for students looking for “slideshow” lessons that include both words and images.


Girls 4 Teaching is a YouTube channel hosted by Eva that includes lessons on grammar, pronunciation, and culture. It’s suitable for beginners, but some of the advanced lessons are German-only, such as an episode on the history and culture of Berlin. There are lots of colorful graphics and images to keep you engaged.

Free German Lessons

This free series offers several playlists suitable for students from level A1 – C2. Although there isn’t as much variety to the lessons compared to some of the other channels on this list, it’s a good resource to refresh your memory of specific parts of speech, with creative drawings and graphics used to supplement the material.

Learn German Through Music

This YouTube channel offers very basic material that’s suitable for children or beginners. You’ll find some catchy songs to help you remember German numbers, the alphabet, the months of the year, days of the week, and some verb conjugations.

BookBox German

This is another channel that’s intended for kids but can be helpful for learners of all ages. The videos are essentially animated storybooks, so although the stories are simple, they have fun animations, colorful characters, and easy-to-follow plots.


These channels are suitable for intermediate learners who already have some level of listening comprehension. Instead of grammar lessons, these YouTube channels often feature real conversations with native German speakers. Use these videos to practice your pronunciation and pick up dialects and slang from all over Germany.

Easy German

This channel is known for its casual “man-on-the-street” interviews. In each video, the hosts have conversations with people about fun or unusual topics such as “How to Survive a Winter in Berlin” or “What Germans Think of Rammstein.” This is a great video series for learning a new dialect or German slang. Each video offers subtitles in English and German, making them easier to follow along with.

Get Germanized

Get Germanized is an offbeat YouTube channel hosted by a native German speaker who started it as a way to improve his English. So while this channel does have some intro level material for new learners, it’s best for intermediate students who want to deepen their understanding of German culture. Video topics include German slang, funny German commercials from the 1990s, cultural differences, and more.

Learn German with Anja

This series hosted by a native German speaker includes free introductory courses as well as intermediate vlogs featuring “real life” German. Anja offers transcripts and other advanced content to subscribers on her website or her Patreon page. This channel is a good series to watch if you’re tired of German “teachers” and just want a German friend who will take you along on her adventures while teaching you a new language.

Learn German with Jenny

Learn German with Jenny covers a variety of topics suitable for students from A1 – C2 levels. Many of the videos are free, but you have to subscribe to her website for access to flashcards, worksheets, and other materials. There’s also an app so you can take the lessons with you on the go. There are several different hosts and even a vlog series in which Jenny travels to France, Austria, and other locations in Europe.

Deutsch mit Marija

This channel is hosted by Marija, who comes from Latvia but now lives in Germany. She speaks several different languages, so this channel is perfect for someone who wants to learn German from a true polyglot. Her lessons are delivered in English and are best for intermediate to advanced students. You can sign up for more courses on her website.

Don’t Trust the Rabbit

Don’t Trust the Rabbit is hosted by Trixie and is ideal for students who want to learn about German accents. Although there are no formal lessons, Trixie breaks down the differences between dialects in different regions, such as Standard German vs. the Saxon dialect. She also explains why the German accent sounds the way it does.

Learn German Fast

This YouTube channel is hosted by Bilal Usman and has videos on dozens of different conversation topics. There’s no on-screen host, so the presentation can be a bit dry, but it’s helpful for practicing a specific scenario you might encounter in Germany, such as opening a bank account or sending mail.


These YouTube channels are intended either for native speakers or for more advanced students. As you progress, these videos will help expand your vocabulary and train you to recognize German words and accents at a natural pace.

Learn German with the DW

The DW, or Deutsche Welle, is a public broadcasting company that is known for making high-quality language learning material. The YouTube channel offers a range of content, including introductory A1 lessons and more advanced episodes. The “German at Work” series features German dialogues in the maintenance and restaurant industries, while the telenovela “Jojo Sucht Das Gluck” follows a Brazilian traveling to Germany. You’ll find the same production quality you would expect from a TV or news channel.

The Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut is a cultural organization in Germany that produces a range of useful material for language students. Just like the DW, this YouTube channel has intermediate and advanced content made with high production values. For example, the “Typisch?!” web series follows a job-seeker from Spain interviewing at a German company. It’s a great resource for anyone planning to visit Germany for work or business.


Deutsch Mit Julia is a channel hosted by a native German speaker living in Ireland. The videos are intended for intermediate to advanced learners and typically include a short dialogue between multiple characters, with transcripts and vocabulary available on the website. There’s also a section on “Business German,” which is ideal for students who plan to live and work in Germany and want to learn the relevant business lingo.

Authentic German Learning

Authentic German Learning is a great video series for advanced learners who want to improve their listening skills. There are no English translations, so you’ll want to have a good grasp of grammar and vocabulary before going into it. Although there’s a website that includes additional learning materials, there are over 200 free YouTube videos in which host Mark “vlogs” about his experiences and personal development. This is a great way to get to know a speaker well through many hours of content.

TEDx Talks

Finally, to get familiar with German as intended for native speakers, queue up a playlist of TEDx talks from Germany, Austria, or other German-speaking cities. Although most of the TED Talks on YouTube are in English, many of them are in other languages. This is a great way to practice being in the audience at German-language events. See how much you can follow without looking at the description of the event beforehand.

Final Thoughts

YouTube channels are an increasingly popular way to learn a language. In fact, some of the best language-learning content you can find is available on YouTube for free! Don’t get overwhelmed and try them all at once. Find a Vlogger whose style and pace works for you and dive into some video lessons to speed up your language-learning process.

If you’re looking for more resources to study German, check out our massive list of over 130 resources. Our One-Stop Guide has essential learning tips and resources for learning German.

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  1. Thank you for including me in this list. I’m glad you like my style even if you think I am a bit nerdy. (Admittedly I am a bit nerdy.) I am grateful to be among such wonderful company. I really enjoy the content that the other channels on this list provide for learners. Deutsch für Euch, Learn German with Jenny, Learn German with Anja and Deutsch mit Marija are my favorites. They all have fantastic content.

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