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mandarin hq

Rating 4.0

Freemium, Courses cost between $67-$87


Although a tad expensive for the quantity of content provided, if you have ever struggled with understanding different accents or slang terms when listening to native speakers, Mandarin HQ’s videos will certainly help make real conversations more accessible. Each of the 150 lessons focuses on one question, with six different people asking and responding to the question in order to familiarize your ear to different voices and accents. The format of each lesson goes through the process of listening, listening and reading [Chinese subtitles], listening and reading [English subtitles], and then a quiz. The dialogue is at a natural speed, accompanied by a transcript to help you study the material. The website has a lot of free, high quality content, such as short video lessons and interviews. There are also sample beginner and intermediate videos available under the “course” section, so you can check out if Mandarin HQ matches your learning style before deciding if you want to purchase the full course.

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