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The Chinese Character Coach-Learner’s Dictionary




The Chinese Character Coach’s Learner’s Dictionary is a free online dictionary to help you learn, memorize and remember Chinese characters.

The tool is designed to make it easier for you to look up Chinese characters and immediately have a way to remember them. The platform contains carefully curated images and stories that are fun, engaging and connected to pop culture or history to help you with memorization. The Chinese Character Coach’s Learner’s Dictionary is thorough, giving you explanations, mnemonics and providing relevant images. All you have to do is input any Chinese character into the learner’s dictionary and get the component breakdown accompanied by an image or memorable story to help you learn and remember it. This makes learning more fun and engaging. With over 2400 entries—and growing—there are lots of characters to memorize regardless of your proficiency level. If you’re an English speaker learning Chinese, this is a really handy resource for you to use for reference.

Moreover, the component names are chosen according to their usefulness in memorization. Characters that share a component can be reviewed as a group in the meta-stories, reducing memory load and providing more connections between characters. 

What makes this resource different from similar resources such as Pleco, Zizzle, and Outlier is that it is more comprehensive, affordable and emphasizes memorization of Chinese characters. 

The Chinese Character Coach’s Learner’s Dictionary is simple, and the stories are limited, but it’s definitely worth a try. Learning and memorizing characters is one of the most challenging aspects when learning Chinese, but with this resource, you can make a lot of progress.

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