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Black Friday / Holiday 2022 Language Learning Deals

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Please pay attention to the each deals’ details. Some may not have started, and some may require a promo code.

Here is our standing ALR Discounts besides the holiday limited-time deals!


Mondly Languages logo

Mondly Black Friday deal: 96% off Mondly Premium, unlocking 41 languages, Mondly AR (try it, it’s pretty neat), and Mondly Kids at this price.

Dates: Now until November 30, 2022

Mondly has made many significant improvements this year. We are updating our review very soon.

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Lingoda Black Friday Deal: First month 50% off on Monthly Subscription (excluding the 4 classes plan). Use promo code: BLACKFRIDAY2022

Dates: November 15 – December 5, 2022

If we are not mistaken, this is the biggest discount Lingoda has ever offered for a Black Friday campaign. Don’t miss out.

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Yoyo Chinese

Yoyo Chinese Logo

Yoyo Chinese Black Friday Deal: Lifetime Learner plan ONLY $199 (normally $299)

Dates: November 22 – November 28, 2022

Yoyo Chinese is probably the most established and popular website for online Chinese courses for many good reasons. Yoyo does not run promotions often so now is a good time to try it.

Yoyo Chinese recently updated its website and now it’s so much more user friendly. When you visit the site, make sure to check out the “Tone Pairs” tool page under resources – it is a lifesaver for all Chinese learners! We hadn’t seen anything this useful before.

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Babbel Logo

Babbel Black Friday Deal: 55% off a Lifetime Subscription

Dates: November 28 – December 2, 2022

Babbel is a great choice if you want an engaging and content rich app with an intuitive user interface. Babbel runs promotions here and there, but 55% is a rare occurrence!

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StoryLearning Black Friday Deals: All “Uncovered” courses for $97 each. Normally these courses are $297 – $397. That’s up to 75% off.

Dates: November 21 – November 28, 2022

StoryLearning by Olly Richards is an unusual yet effective program that we recommend wholeheartedly, but its price is rather steep for many of us. Well, here is great news! During the Black Friday promotion, each course is only $97. This is the time to try its story magic and see why we love the program. StoryLearning offers Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese Beginner / Intermediate, Chinese, Russian, and Turkish Beginner.

Research about StoryLearning now, and buy during the Black Friday promotion!

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Innovative Language (LanguagePod101)

Innovative Language (LanguagePod101 Family) Cyber Monday Deals: 50% OFF1- & 2-Year Premium & Premium PLUS.

Dates: November 27 – November 29, 2022

Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAY2022

**Sorry, the link will go to Japanese by default. Use our search box on top right and type “Pod101” or “Class101” to find your language.**

Innovative Language offers great podcasts in 34 languages with lots of free content that you can check out! All language podcasts come up with new content all the time to keep you motivated.

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Pimsleur Black Friday Deal: 50% off your first month of All Access subscription. That’s only $10.47 for the first month.

Dates: November 18 – November 30, 2022

Pimsleur is a fantastic way to learn to speak a new language. Because it’s a hands-free eyes-free audio based app, you can use it anywhere any time, purely focusing on recalling and repeating the sound of the language. Now Pimsleur comes with a Voice Coach feature that checks your pronunciation.

All Access membership gives you full access to all 50+ languages. BTW, if your target language happens to be Ukrainian, the course is free until the end of 2022. Pimsleur is a great option if you need a crash course before you head to your dream vacation next month, or to really get your language skills high enough to live in that country. Nothing flashy, not expensive, just a solid time-tested program worth trying out.

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SmarterGerman Pink Friday Deal: 33% off on all language level courses and the bundles. If you buy Gold Bundle, that will come with the highly popular B1 Exam Hacking Course for free ($149 value)

Dates: November 20 – November 30, 2022

Coupon Code: PINKFRIDAY <– only 300 uses for this coupon code

If you are determined to learn German, yet haven’t had good luck with other programs, SmarterGerman is something you really need to try. It isn’t the cheapest program around ($297/level), but you definitely get what you pay for with so many intangibles that come with the program. See our review for more info.

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90 Day Korean

90 Day Korean Black Friday Deal: 61% off Korean Fast Track Package. This is a special Lifetime access course bundle of “Korean Alphabet Course”, “Korean Word Memorization Course”, and “Korean Sentence Course”. These three courses are originally priced at $201, but during Black Friday it’s only $79.

Dates: November 18 – November 28, 2022

There are a few GREAT single language resources that you just need to know about. 90 Day Korean is one such example for the Korean language. It has two program options, and the one with coaching is definitely worth the extra cost. Both options come with a ton of quality content that’s laid out for you in a clear manner. Consider getting the year-long subscription since it costs less than 5 months’ worth, saving you a lot of money. With a 30-Day money back guarantee, you can really get the feel for how it teaches Korean and if that’s a great fit for your learning style.

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Du Chinese

Du Chinese Language Learning Discount

Du Chinese Black Friday Deal: Du Chinese app for up to 50% off.

Dates **VERY SHORT**: November 25 – November 28, 2022

Du Chinese is one of the best resources for learning Mandarin Chinese. This app boasts a superb design loaded with useful features. “読 Du” means “to read” in Chinese, and it really teaches you how to read Mandarin Chinese, but it also helps you improve your listening comprehension. This app offers 6 different levels – First Time Novice all the way to Advanced. We love how it highlights each character as the speech moves. There is a free “Basic” level with limited number of lessons, so you can check it out to see how it works. Then, if you like the program, get it during Black Friday!

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Ling-App Black Friday Deal: 40% off Yearly Subscription. $32.99 will get you a whole year of gamefied language app with 60+ languages.

Dates: November 20 – November 28, 2022

Ling-App is something you might want to try if you like the Duolingo-style gamefied language learning environment. We really appreciate any program that offers under-served languages such as Kannada, Tagalog, Serbian, Nepali, Albanian, Telugu, Bosnian, Finnish, Khmer, and many more, and Ling-App always delivers when it comes to minor languages!

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Glossika Logo

Glossika Black Friday Deal: 50% off any annual plan – Pro or Basic

Dates: November 22 – November 30, 2022

Promo Code: 2022BF50

Now, Glossika offers the “Basic Plan” that is not so basic! Glossika is a well-designed program that’s popular among polyglots (people who speak multiple languages) but its price has been a bit high in our opinion. With Basic Plan, it allows learners to pick one language to study. Nothing earth shattering? Well, the best part is, you are not stuck with the same language. You can change your target language once a month, thus it still serves well for multiple-language learners. Basic Plan is $16.99/mo or $159.99/yr, and you can get it 50% off during Black Friday.

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CoffeeBreak Languages

CoffeeBreak Black Friday Deal: 40% off all courses. There are 7 languages it offers.

Coupon Code: BF22

Dates: November 21 – November 28, 2022.

CoffeeBreak offers impressively large amount of podcast-style free contents that is short enough to complete during short coffee breaks (hence its name!), and the premium service is well worth its price. It is an especially solid resource for learners at lower levels, as the material progresses at a reasonably slow pace. It includes very thorough explanations, and starts at the very beginning so nobody feels left behind. This is not to say that CoffeeBreak is good only for beginners – it has large amount of advanced contents as well.

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Bite size Language

Bite Size Language Black Friday Deal: All 6 Bite-Size Listening Practice Courses (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Danish) for only $99. That’s 84% off! PLUS lots of freebies worth over $800.

Dates: *SUPER SHORT* Only from November 25 until November 28, 2022

Bite Size Language programs are an aptly named program that gives you bite-sized lessons that will gently start our your new language journey. The creator of the program, Kris, has a podcast the “Actual Fluency” and his Listening Practice Courses bundle will be a great choice while you jog, cook, or drive to work/school, etc. He usually runs a promotion only once a year.

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French Today

French Today Banner

French Today Black Friday Deal: 40% off Sale

Dates: November 22 – November 29, 2022

French Today offers three main products – audiobooks, Skype lessons, and immersion homestays in France. A lot going on here, so please see our review for more details. One thing we want to say is, we like the immersive feel to most of the audiobooks French Today offers. That’s a hard feat to accomplish, and we know that, after listening to countless audio dialogues in many language programs out there.

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