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Babbel Review Italian - FINAL 23

Babbel Italian Review: Comprehensive and Affordable Choice

Babbel Italian

Rating 4.2


Babbel is an online language-learning platform with over 1 million active users. The app aims to get learners to a conversational level as quickly as possible through the use of a variety of exercises and spaced repetition for review. The courses are well put together and relatively inexpensive; there are 14 different languages available.

Quality 4.5

It’s well-designed and the content is immediately useful.

Thoroughness 4.0

The material provided is effective and covers a lot, but isn’t ideal for advanced levels.

Value 4.0

The price is relatively low for what’s offered, but you’ll have to purchase each language separately.

I Like
  • The content is practical for real-life use
  • It’s easy to use
  • The lessons are fairly short
I Don’t Like
  • The exercises can get repetitive
  • The review exercises don’t include grammar concepts
  • Speech recognition isn’t the best way to learn pronunciation

Babbel uses a recurring subscription model and offers a 20-day money-back guarantee. Price per month depends on the length of the subscription and only includes access to one language.

Monthly – $14.95/mo Every 3 Months – $12.65/mo Every 6 Months – $11.15/mo Every year – $7.45/mo

The prices listed here are for customers in the United States; they otherwise vary by region.

Cyber Monday sale! Enjoy 60% off Babbel’s lifetime subscription! See details on the website. Offer ends on 12/1/2023.

Course Overview

Babbel is an online language learning platform that offers courses in various languages, including Italian. The Italian course offered by Babbel is designed to help users learn the language from scratch, or to improve their existing knowledge.

Free Guide to Learn Italian - FINAL 23

Learn Italian For Free: Bargain Hunters Unite!

The cost of learning Italian can vary depending on the method you choose and your individual circumstances. If you opt for an Italian language course or private tutor, you can expect to pay a fee. The cost of courses can vary depending on the institution, the type of course, and the duration of the course. Similarly, private tutor fees can vary depending on the tutor’s experience and location. Because Italian is a unique language to learn, some places charge very high fees for lessons. However, learning Italian does not have to be expensive. There are many free or low-cost resources available, such as online courses or language exchange programs, that can help you to learn Italian without breaking the bank. This article will look at some free ways in which you can learn this beautiful language.

Pimsleur Review Italian - FINAL 23

Pimsleur Italian Review: Learn Italian Anywhere Anytime, Quickly

Pimsleur Italian

Rating 4.0


Pimsleur is one of the most popular and longest-standing resources out there for learning a foreign language. Its Italian courses place a strong emphasis on aural and verbal communication skills that can be used right away.

Quality 4.5

The platform is extremely well designed and easy to use. The content seems to be of high quality at all levels.

Thoroughness 4.0

Timely repetition and active practice work well, and lessons build on each other nicely, but the “intermediate fluency in 30 days” claim may be a stretch.

Value 3.5

The subscription option provides good value for some, but there may be more efficient ways to learn some languages.

I Like
  • The lessons are structured well and are an appropriate length.
  • There are both male and female native speakers.
  • Lessons build on each other nicely.
  • The platform is easy to navigate and visually appealing.
I Don’t Like
  • There’s very little visual content.
  • Lesson speed isn’t customizable.

Subscriptions of either $14.95/month or $19.95/month are available for courses with at least 60 lessons. Prices otherwise range from around $20 to over $500. All purchases come with a 7-day free trial.

Course Overview

The Pimsleur Italian course is a language learning program designed to help learners acquire the Italian language through an audio-based approach. It is created by Paul Pimsleur, a renowned linguist who is known for his innovative and effective language teaching methods.

Rosetta Stone Review Italian - FINAL 23

Rosetta Stone Italian Review: OK. Lots of graphics. Just OK.

Rosetta Stone Italian

Rating 3.2


A Rosetta Stone Italian course could be most suitable for learners that don’t mind repetitive exercises and prefer to learn from pictures and context rather than translations and explanations. It’s probably not a good option for anyone wanting to significantly improve their speaking or writing skills, or those looking for an engaging course.

Quality 3.0

The platform is a bit clunky on desktop, but the material is accurate and presented clearly; lesson mechanics are fairly intuitive.

Thoroughness 3.0

Without much opportunity to build your own sentences, I don’t think you’ll reach a conversational level with any notable speed.

Value 3.5

Rosetta Stone’s Lifetime Subscription ($199 on sale) is quite attractive if you like the Rosetta Stone Method. Shorter subscriptions are quite reasonable, too.

I Like
  • The audio quality is very good.
  • Lessons progress naturally and logically.
I Don’t Like
  • It’s repetitive and boring.
  • You don’t get to generate your own sentences.
  • Speech recognition doesn’t work very well.
  • No grammar explanations in core material.

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Course Overview

The Rosetta Stone Italian course is a language-learning program designed to teach Italian to speakers of other languages. Its method combines immersive visuals, speech recognition technology, and interactive activities to help learners acquire the language naturally, in a way (Rosetta Stone claims) is the same as when learners first acquired their native language.

Story Learning Review Italian - FINAL 23

Storylearning Italian Uncovered

StoryLearning Italian Uncovered


StoryLeaning Italian Uncovered comes from Olly Richards, the creator of the super popular polyglot blog. It’s quite a bit different than most courses as it revolves around an engaging story. It can be a bit more challenging than other courses, as you begin reading somewhat long texts right off the bat. Overall, I found it to be a more fun way to approach language learning that will be great for some but not ideal for others.

Quality 4.0

The instruction is clear but can have too much information crammed into a single lesson.

Thoroughness 4.0

You’ll practice every aspect of the language.

Value 4.0

It has a pretty high price, but if you stick with it, you’ll get good value from it.

I Like
  • Immersive narrative structure
  • Engaging Italian tutor
  • Option to join online community
I Don’t Like
  • No direct speaking software
  • Pricier than some language courses

A one-time purchase costs $297. There’s also a 7-day free trial.

Storyearning’s Italian Uncovered course introduces you to the musical Italian language through an engaging, ongoing narrative followed by practical lessons on grammar and culture. StoryLearning’s method is based on the idea that humans communicate through stories, meaning that using a story will help you learn and remember a new language.

LanguagePod101 — All Languages, Pod101 and Class101

Updated November 20, 2023

If you want a language learning podcast that consistently adds new content to keep you motivated, you will find the “Pod101” and “Class101” series quite useful.

One great thing about LanguagePod101 programs is that they do publish new content ALL THE TIME. And their pricing structure allows language learners of any mastery and commitment levels to find contents that are useful. The pricing starts at a mere few dollars per month, and the top subscription called Premium PLUS gives learners personal feedback and a personalized program to follow.

Visit Language Learning Programs in the LanguagePod101 Series

Click the icon to visit the site for the language you want. Purchase or just check it out. Happy Learning!

You can also read ALR independent reviews for each language’s program in the following section.

Best Way to Learn Italian – 12 Best Tips To Try Today

The best way to learn Italian will depend on your language learning goals and your preferred learning style. Someone learning Italian for a two week trip to Italy will likely follow a different learning program than someone who is learning the language to become fluent.

In this article we look at some of the best ways to learn Italian, with an emphasis on the resources that are best for learning to speak the language. Reading and writing Italian are also included, but our experience is that most people who learn a foreign language want to start speaking, so our recommendations will reflect that.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Italian - FINAL 23

How Long Does It Take To Learn Italian? Tell Us What Your Goals Are, and We’ll Give You Some Ideas!

Update on August 30, 2023

As with the acquisition of any new skill, it is difficult to put an exact figure on how many hours it will take to learn Italian, because there are so many factors which contribute to language acquisition. However, the Italian Language Academy (AIL) and the U.S. Foreign Service Institute (FSI) suggest that it will take between 50 and 650 hours to learn Italian. The higher level of fluency you want to reach, the more hours it will take.

An Honest Review of Speechling With Image of Girl Looking at Phone

Speechling Review – I Didn’t Know I Was Saying That Wrong!


Rating 4.3


Speechling is a website and app that makes it easy to improve your speaking skills in several languages. The free version is an incredbily valuable resource that makes it easy to practice mimicking native speakers. The Unlimited Plan provides unlimited corrections of your recordings by a teacher.

Quality 4.5

Speachling makes it easy to improve your speaking rhythm and pronunciation.

Thoroughness 4.5

Lots of different ways to practice speaking.

Value 4.0

The free version is better than most paid resources and the paid version provides outstanding value.

I Like
  • An excellent method to improve your speaking abilities and get feedback from a real teacher.
  • Answer the Question, Describe the Image, and Freestyle mode are great for higher levels.
  • You can switch languages at any time. I like seeing translations in my second language while studying my third language.
  • Truly unlimited recordings with quick feedback.
I Don’t Like
  • Absolute Beginners should learn the basics elsewhere first.
  • You’ll need to learn how to make the sounds of your target language on your own.
  • The amount of time given to record sentences can be too short.

The Forever Free Plan is complete free. A monthly subscription to the Unlimited Plan costs $19.99 per month.

Click the link to save 10% on Speechling’s Unlimited Plan.

Speechling has quickly become one of my favorite language learning resources. The free version includes a ton of useful features and the premium plan is great value for the cost.