The 8 Best Podcasts to Learn Swahili in 2021

Swahili is one of the primary languages in East Africa. It’s spoken by approximately 100 million people either as a primary or secondary language. If you want to travel around or work in East Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique and other similar countries, then learning Swahili will come in handy.

However, learning Swahili isn’t always the easiest task. It’s not one of the more common languages that native English speakers seek out to learn, such as French or Spanish. For this reason, it can be a little bit more difficult to hunt down language-learning resources.

Podcasts can be an excellent complement to online or in-person Swahili courses, whether you want to work on your vocabulary, brush up on grammatical concepts or just learn more about Swahili culture and history.

Check out these eight Swahili podcasts for more.


Verbling Review: Online Classes With Helpful Revision Tools

Teacher Quality 

There are some less experienced teachers, but I found the lessons to be more consistently high quality than on italki.


The classroom technology, flashcards, and filing system are fantastic for learners and easy to use.


Some teachers charge more than on italki, but you get better classroom technology, more privacy, and fewer disorganized teachers.


Verbling lists 65 different languages on their platform, from Spanish and Mandarin Chinese through to Twi and Berber. Not all of them have available teachers, however.


Prices are set by the teacher and range from $5 to $75 for an hour-long lesson. You can get discounts for buying packs of 5, 10, or 20 lessons with a teacher. Every student gets one free trial lesson, after which they’re $6 each.


Learn Swahili With These Tips, Tricks & Resources

View of Kilimanjaro with text: Your one-stop guide to learning Swahili

Learning Swahili will unlock opportunities: you will be able to travel through over a dozen countries, make friends across East Africa, get a new job, or enjoy powerful TV shows and poignant books in their original language.

Yet what’s the best way to learn Swahili? How long will it take? Which resources should you use? Hold tight, because we’re about to explore everything you need to know to learn Swahili.

We’ll look at where Swahili is spoken, how to create your personalized Swahili study plan, and how difficult Swahili actually is. We’ll also sum up some of the Swahili resources available, from courses and classes through to apps, podcasts, movies, and books. (And we’ll tell you which ones to avoid, too.) Let’s get started.