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How to study Korean

Rating 4.0

Free, Add-ons start at $5


How to Study Korean explains concepts from the perspective of a non-Korean speaker. It is a thorough grammar and vocabulary guide for beginner to intermediate students that will set you up for success in your Korean studies. This may not be the best option if you prefer learning through interaction and bite-sized pieces of information, as each lesson can be over 12 pages long excluding the hands-on exercises — however, the lessons will give you an intimate understanding of sentence structure, allowing you to build your own sentences rather than just learning basic phrases. There are 7 units, each with 25 lessons (plus quizzes and a test). Each lesson includes twenty to thirty new words, grammar explanations, and audio recordings of every Korean word and sentence. Furthermore, the authors have inputted all the vocabulary words into free Memrise decks for your convenience. In the earlier lessons, there are YouTube videos with sentence practice, dictations, reading practice, and more. Every lesson has accompanying purchasable supplementary material to support your studies — you can buy workbooks and vocabulary lists to accompany the lessons, and short stories meticulously developed by Seulgi and Will. You can read many of the beginner lessons from the perspective of multiple languages, including Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese (then only Spanish after unit 3).