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Jisho Mini-Review: Search From Romaji, Kanji, or English


Rating 3.8



Jisho is an online Japanese dictionary that provides words in context, in addition to definitions, example sentences, audio recordings by native speakers, and stroke order diagrams. Occasionally it will also display collocations and verb conjugations. The example sentences come from Tatoeba, so you may want to double-check that they are correct, as sometimes Tatoeba contributors write in a language in which they are not proficient. The audio files come from WaniKani, whose review you can read here. You can search for single words in romaji, hiragana, kanji, radicals, English, or by directly drawing the character on the screen. If you search full sentences in hiragana and kanji, the site will identify the different words, phrases, and particles, and link you to each part’s definition. If you want to contribute to the dictionary, you can register as an editor to edit existing entries or add new ones. Overall, Jisho is a decent dictionary to help you learn Japanese in context. However, you may want to check out Kanji Study mobile app for a slightly more organized interface.