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Lexin Billedtema Mini Review: Not Bad, But Pair It With Anki

Lexin Billedtema
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Lexin Billedtema describes itself as a picture-based dictionary, but that’s not strictly true: there’s no way to look up words, for example.

Despite that, Lexin Billedtema is a genuinely useful tool for Danish language learners looking to learn new vocabulary. Our favorite thing about it is how many languages you can use it in: you have the standard ones like English and Spanish, and then you have the ones like Somalian, Arabic, and Yiddish.

Once you’ve selected your language from the Danish-language page (just scroll down until you get to the table of languages), you’ll be presented with a list of themes. Choose one and you’ll be presented with labeled illustrations. You can choose whether the labels are in Danish or your own language and listen to audio recordings of the new vocabulary.

The vocabulary is impressively detailed, with words such as “parting” (hairstyle), wisdom tooth, and even dorsal fin. As a result, this probably isn’t the best tool for absolute beginners.

Disappointingly, there’s no inbuilt way to practice output or drill the new language, so you’re best off making your own flash cards. We suggest using Anki. Alternatively, if you’d prefer something more engaging, skip Lexin Billedtema altogether and use an app like Drops instead.

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