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Pimsleur Review Arabic

Pimsleur Arabic


Pimsleur Arabic is one of the most popular and longest-standing resources out there for learning the Arabic language. Its courses place a strong emphasis on aural and verbal communication skills, paying less attention to grammar explanations and reading or writing skills. 

Quality 4.5

The platform is extremely well designed and easy to use. The content seems to be of high quality at all levels.

Thoroughness 4.0

Timely repetition and active practice work well, and lessons build on each other nicely, but the “intermediate fluency in 30 days” claim may be a stretch.

Value 3.5

The subscription option provides good value for some, but there may be more efficient ways to learn some languages.

I Like
  • Egyptian, Levantine, and Modern Standard Arabic are available
  • The lessons are structured well and are an appropriate length
  • There are both male and female native speakers
  • Lessons build on each other nicely
  • The platform is easy to navigate and visually appealing
I Don’t Like
  • There’s very little visual content.
  • Lesson speed isn’t customizable.

Subscriptions of either $14.95/month or $19.95/month are available for courses with at least 60 lessons. Outright purchase prices otherwise range from around $20 to over $500. All purchases come with a 7-day free trial

Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over 300 million native speakers across the Middle East and North Africa. It is also an official language of the United Nations, the Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, giving it significant global importance.

Overview of the Pimsleur Arabic Course

The Pimsleur Arabic Course is a renowned language-learning program designed to help learners acquire conversational proficiency in Arabic. Developed by Paul Pimsleur, a language educator, the course follows the Pimsleur Method, which focuses on audio-based learning and active participation.  The course is divided into several levels, each focusing on specific language skills. The course employs the concept of spaced repetition, currently loved by language teachers, where previously learned material is reintroduced at strategic intervals to reinforce memory retention.

The Pimsleur Arabic Course covers a wide range of topics, carefully designed to develop conversational proficiency in Arabic. While the specific content may vary slightly depending on the dialect (Egyptian, Levantine, or Modern Standard Arabic) and the level of the course, the core topics typically include:

1. Greetings and Introductions

2. Everyday Expressions

3. Numbers and Counting

4. Family and Relationships

5. Weather and Seasons

6. Time and Dates

7. Shopping and Dining

8. Travel and Transportation

9. At the Hotel

10. Health and Emergencies

11. Cultural Insights

12. Social Interactions

13. Hobbies and Activities

14. Work and Professions

15. Describing Places and Objects

16. Grammar and Sentence Structure

The Pimsleur Arabic Course gradually builds upon these topics, introducing new vocabulary and grammar concepts while constantly reinforcing previously learned material. The lessons are designed to be practical, focusing on real-life situations and conversations, enabling learners to communicate effectively in Arabic-speaking environments.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pimsleur Arabic

Arabic is a language with a wide range of dialects, and the exact number of dialects can be difficult to determine definitively. There are numerous variations of Arabic spoken across different regions and countries, each with its unique features and characteristics. However, it is commonly accepted that there are around 30 to 35 major Arabic dialects, so you must consider which dialect you want to learn. Pimsleur has taken the time to cater to various Arabic dialects, which is a huge advantage for learners. Whether you want to learn Egyptian, Levantine, or Modern Standard Arabic, there is a course tailored to your preference. This attention to dialects ensures that learners can adapt to different conversational settings and better understand regional variations.

You should also consider your budget. Pimsleur is one of the more affordable programs if you want to learn multiple languages or multiple dialects of Arabic. After a 7 day free trial, you can access Pimsleur’s entire catalogue for $20.95 per month, which is expensive for a single language, but is cheaper if you are bundling all your different languages into the single app. If that doesn’t fit your budget, keep an eye on the Pimsleur website, which frequently posts offers and deals.

Benefits and Features of Pimsleur Arabic

Audio based learning method

One of the standout features of the course is the audio-based learning method. This method not only hones your listening skills but also ensures that your pronunciation is accurate. You learn through repetition, with the audio lessons structured in a way that introduces new vocabulary and phrases while constantly reinforcing previously learned material. Many learners find this approach immensely helpful in retaining what is learned and building confidence to hold real conversations.

Natural course progression

The course is divided into different levels, with each level focusing on a particular aspect of the Arabic language. Starting from basic greetings and introductions, it gradually progresses to more complex topics like daily routines, social interactions, and cultural insights. This thoughtful progression keeps you motivated as you witness your language skills growing with each lesson.

The instructors’ clear pronunciation and friendly tone make the learning process enjoyable. Additionally, the integration of native speakers in the audio lessons adds an authentic touch, providing exposure to various accents and speech patterns.

While the Pimsleur Arabic Course excels in spoken language proficiency, it may not be as comprehensive when it comes to reading and writing. However, this is not a significant drawback, as there are other resources available to supplement those aspects of language learning.

Alternatives to the Pimsleur Arabic Course

StoryLearning Arabic Uncovered

Story Learning Arabic” is a language-learning approach that centers around using stories as a primary tool for acquiring Arabic language skills. It is based on the idea that narratives and storytelling can significantly enhance the language-learning experience by making it more engaging, memorable, and practical. Rather than focusing solely on grammar rules and vocabulary drills, this method incorporates storytelling to immerse learners in the language and culture. Our brains are wired to remember stories more effectively than isolated facts. The narrative elements in stories help reinforce language learning by associating words and phrases with memorable events and characters. Storytelling also incorporates authentic language use, including informal speech, colloquialisms, and idiomatic expressions. This exposure to real-life language helps learners become more proficient in practical communication.


ArabicPod101 has a vast content library, a treasure trove of audio and video lessons, which offers a wealth of knowledge for learners of all levels. With a variety of dialects to explore, from the mesmerizing sounds of Egyptian Arabic to the rhythmic tones of Levantine Arabic, it allows you to immerse yourself in the richness of the language. Engaging conversations between native speakers hone your listening and speaking skills, while interactive quizzes and exercises help you to solidify your understanding. The detailed lesson notes and transcripts provide a guide as you venture deeper into the language.


In conclusion, the Pimsleur Arabic Course is an outstanding resource for anyone looking to develop conversational fluency in Arabic. The audio-based learning, tailored dialects, and engaging lessons create an immersive experience that is both effective and enjoyable. Whether you are a complete beginner or seeking to enhance your existing language skills, this course will undoubtedly help you achieve your language-learning goals. I highly recommend it to anyone eager to embark on a fulfilling journey into the Arabic language and culture.

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