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Pimsleur Review German

Pimsleur German

Rating 4.0


Pimsleur is one of the most popular and longest-standing resources out there for learning a foreign language. Its courses place a strong emphasis on aural and verbal communication skills, paying less attention to grammar explanations and reading or writing skills. There are over 50 language courses available with Pimsleur, and the bulk of the material is taught with audio lessons.

Quality 4.5

The platform is extremely well designed and easy to use. The content seems to be of high quality at all levels.

Thoroughness 4.0

Timely repetition and active practice work well, and lessons build on each other nicely, but the “intermediate fluency in 30 days” claim may be a stretch.

Value 3.5

The subscription option provides good value for some, but there may be more efficient ways to learn some languages.

I Like
  • The lessons are structured well and are an appropriate length.
  • There are both male and female native speakers.
  • Lessons build on each other nicely.
  • The platform is easy to navigate and visually appealing.
I Don’t Like
  • There’s very little visual content.
  • Lesson speed isn’t customizable.

Subscriptions of either $14.95/month or $19.95/month are available for courses with at least 60 lessons. Prices otherwise range from around $20 to over $500. All purchases come with a 7-day free trial.

Pimsleur German Course Overview

Pimsleur German is a language learning program that uses an audio-based approach to teach the German language. The program is designed to help learners develop their speaking and listening skills in German, with an emphasis on practical, everyday conversations.

The Pimsleur German program consists of a series of audio lessons that gradually increase in difficulty, with each lesson building on the previous one. The lessons are structured around conversations in German, and learners are encouraged to participate in the conversation and repeat phrases and sentences to improve their pronunciation and fluency.

The Pimsleur method is based on the idea that language learning should be based on natural conversation and repetition, rather than memorization or rote learning. The program is designed to be accessible to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers, and can be used to supplement classroom learning or as a standalone language course.

What should I consider before buying Pimsleur German?

Before subscribing to the Pimsleur German app, there are a few factors to consider:

Your Learning Style

Pimsleur German primarily uses an audio-based approach to teach the language. If you prefer a more visual approach or require written material to learn, this program may not be the best fit for you. Visual learners may prefer to use apps like Babbel German or Rosetta Stone.

Your Current Language Level

The Pimsleur German program is designed to be accessible to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers. However, if you are an advanced speaker looking for more specialized language content or vocabulary, you may need to supplement the program with additional materials.

Your Time Commitment

Pimsleur German requires a significant time commitment. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes long, and it is recommended to complete one lesson per day. If you have limited time available for language learning, it may be challenging to complete the program as recommended.

Your Budget

Pimsleur German is a premium language learning program and comes with a price tag. Consider whether the cost of the program fits within your budget and if there are other more affordable options available.

Reviews and Feedback

Before purchasing the Pimsleur German app, consider reading reviews and feedback from other users. This can help you determine whether the program aligns with your language learning goals and preferences.

What are the Key Features and Benefits of Pimsleur German?

Audio-based learning

Pimsleur German is an audio-based language learning program that helps learners develop their listening and speaking skills in German. By listening carefully to, and mimicking, the native speaker presenters, you will be able to perfect your pronunciation and accent.

Gradual progression

The program is structured around a series of audio lessons that gradually increase in difficulty, allowing learners to build their skills over time.

Practical conversations

 The program is designed around practical conversations that are useful for everyday situations, such as greetings, ordering food, and asking for directions. This means that you will be able to use your German right from the beginning.


Pimsleur German uses a repetition-based approach to language learning, with learners encouraged to repeat phrases and sentences to improve their pronunciation and fluency.

Focus on speaking

 The program is designed to help learners develop their speaking skills in German, with a focus on building confidence and fluency.

Mobile app

 Pimsleur is available as a mobile German learning app, which makes it easy to learn on-the-go.

Personalized learning

 The program uses a personalized learning approach that adapts to the learner’s pace and progress, ensuring that each lesson is challenging but achievable.

Multiple levels

 Pimsleur German offers multiple levels of language instruction, from beginner to advanced, allowing learners to progress through the program as their skills improve.

Alternatives to the Pimsleur German


SmarterGerman is the most comprehensive German program that we know of, and it offers an innovative approach to German language learning, focusing on practical conversational skills and real-world language use.

Similar to Pimsleur, SmarterGerman places a strong emphasis on conversational proficiency and provides learners with an intuitive and engaging learning experience. Here’s why it’s a good alternative to Pimsleur for learning German:

  • Emphasis on Conversational Proficiency: SmarterGerman’s primary strength lies in its commitment to developing conversational skills. It teaches learners how to communicate effectively in everyday situations, making it an ideal choice for those seeking practical language skills.
  • Intuitive and Simplified Learning: SmarterGerman employs a unique teaching method that simplifies the complexities of the German language, making it accessible to learners of all levels. This approach ensures that learners can progress more swiftly and confidently.
  • Customizable Learning Experience: Unlike Pimsleur, SmarterGerman offers a flexible and customizable learning experience. Learners can tailor their study plans to match their specific goals and preferences, providing a personalized path to German language mastery.

StoryLearning German Uncovered

StoryLearning German Uncovered is an effective method for learning German because it allows learners to engage with the language in a meaningful and memorable way. Here are some reasons why story learning is good for learning German:

  • Contextual learning: Stories provide a context for learning new words and grammar structures, making it easier to understand and remember them.
  • Natural language: Stories use natural language, allowing learners to encounter the language as it is used in real-life situations.
  • Cultural insights: Stories can also provide insights into German culture and society, helping learners understand the language in its cultural context.
  • Improved comprehension: Stories help learners develop their reading and listening comprehension skills by exposing them to authentic German language materials.
  • Increased motivation: Stories can be enjoyable and engaging, making language learning a more enjoyable and motivating experience.
  • Vocabulary building: Stories introduce learners to new vocabulary and phrases in a natural and memorable way.
  • Grammar practice: Stories provide opportunities for learners to practice grammar structures in context, helping them internalize the language more effectively.


Germanpod101 is a comprehensive and effective language learning platform that offers a variety of resources for learners of all levels. It offers a:

  • Structured curriculum: Germanpod101 offers a structured curriculum that is designed to help learners develop their German language skills from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Variety of resources: The platform offers a wide range of resources, including audio and video lessons, interactive exercises, vocabulary lists, and cultural insights.
  • Personalized learning: The platform uses an adaptive learning system that adjusts to each learner’s needs and preferences, ensuring that lessons are challenging but not overwhelming.
  • Flexible Approach: Germanpod101 is available online and through a mobile app, making it easy for learners to access the platform from anywhere and at any time.
  • Focus on practical communication: The lessons on Germanpod101 are focused on practical communication, providing learners with the skills and vocabulary needed to communicate effectively in real-life situations.
  • Community support: Germanpod101 offers a supportive community of learners and language experts, providing learners with opportunities to ask questions, practice their skills, and receive feedback on their progress.

Rocket German

Rocket German is a comprehensive language learning platform that offers a variety of resources to help learners of all levels improve their German skills. Rocket German is a good choice for learning German because it has:

  • Interactive learning: Rocket German uses an interactive learning approach, with lessons that include speaking and writing exercises, quizzes, and other interactive activities.
  • Conversational focus: The program is designed to help learners develop their conversational skills in German, with a focus on practical communication in real-life situations.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Rocket German offers a structured curriculum that covers all aspects of the German language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural insights.
  • Audio lessons: The program includes audio lessons that are designed to help learners improve their listening and speaking skills in German, with a focus on natural language and authentic German accents.
  • Mobile app: Rocket German is available as a mobile app, making it easy for learners to study German on-the-go.


In conclusion, Pimsleur is a highly effective language learning program that can help learners improve their German language skills through its unique audio-based approach. While Pimsleur may not offer as many features as some of the other German learning apps like Germanpod101 and Rocket German, its focus on oral communication and conversational skills make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to develop their speaking and listening skills in German.

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