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Practice Portuguese Mini-Review: Learn European Portuguese

Practice Portuguese
Price: €15/mo, €153/year
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Practice Portuguese’s website provides podcasts, videos, conjugation exercises, grammar notes, and more for A1 – B2 learners to improve their European Portuguese. It was developed by a Portuguese-Canadian duo, which seems to allow the site to develop from both a native speaker’s and a learner’s perspective. 

Full transcripts are only available through the members-only course, which includes over 100 units that continually adapt themselves to your current level. However, there are lots of free videos, podcast episodes, and learning notes for your enjoyment. The learning notes use audio recorded by native speakers to pronounce new vocabulary words, which appear as buttons with an English translation beneath them.

For listening comprehension, there are audio recordings with time-stamped transcripts, a vocabulary list, and a quiz. You can listen to the recordings at 0.5x – 2x speed and click on the transcript to skip to different parts of the recording. There is also the option to download the MP3 or PDF transcript.

Overall, Practice Portuguese seems most effective at improving your listening comprehension, and if you engage with the dialogues, it will probably improve your speaking abilities, too. There is no free trial, but you can try Practice Portuguese with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Portuguese Lab is a similar, equally high-quality option with a free trial, but it is twice the cost of Practice Portuguese.

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