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Tamil Virtual Academy Mini Review: Dated But Useful Videos

Tamil Virtual Academy
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Tamil Virtual Academy’s 81-lesson video course takes you from the Tamil alphabet and pronunciation through to transitive and intransitive verbs, the interrogative, and verb and noun participles. Each lesson consists of one 20–30 minute video delivered by your teacher, Prof. T.B. Siddalingaiah.

The audio and video quality can at times be poor, while some optional supplemental materials require Flash. However, the course content is broken down well. It seems well-suited to beginner and lower-intermediate learners, as well as anyone who wishes to recap their grammar or fill in gaps in their studies.

There are no writing exercises so you’ll probably want to supplement the course with other resources or keep a journal. And since all the material is delivered in English, you’ll need to look elsewhere to practice your Tamil listening. Check out our Tamil podcast and movie recommendations for some ideas.

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