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Turkish Language House Mini-Review: Think Like a Local

Turkish Language House
Price: $10/mo, $72/year
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Turkish Language House advertises that it will help you speak Turkish like a local; by the end of their advanced course, you will be able to think in Turkish rather than focusing on grammar rules. They do not claim to make you fluent, but they seem to follow through with helping you learn the language naturally.

Each of the lessons has a preceding text that introduces the concepts you will learn. Then, you will watch an animated video that describes the concepts inTurkish. The animations are modern and clear, with different scenarios to help you put the new concepts in context.

Turkish Language House contains over 200 video lessons in its survival, beginners, intermediate, and advanced Turkish courses. The grammar notes are clear and give the impression that you are conversing with a friend rather than reading a textbook. All of the recordings are by native Turkish speakers, but unfortunately they do not break down difficult pronunciation or phonetics. Rather, it seems like you are expected to learn the pronunciation through listening.

In the additional listening resources, you may be presented with an exercise that contains elements of a concept you have just learned. Even if the resources are difficult to understand, you will notice that you can understand bits and pieces of what is being said (or sung), which will reinforce your understanding of the concept.

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