Tandem Review: A Tinder-esque Language Exchange App?

Quick Review



Tandem is a popular language exchange app with over one million active users. It’s available for iOS and Android and aims to bring language learners from all over the world together. It’s largely centered around its chat capabilities and language tools that facilitate communication, but there is also a tutoring service offered in the app.


There are lots of active language learners, especially those looking to pair with native English speakers.


The interface is intuitive and the language tools are simple and effective, though you’ll quickly run out of free translations.


The free version is all most people will need. Tandem Pro doesn’t add a ton of extra value.


There is a limited free version of Tandem and a pro version available at $6.99 for one month, $3.99/month for three months, and $2.92/month for a year’s subscription.


There are over 160 languages offered on Tandem.


8 Best Podcasts For Learning Greek In 2020

On the lookout for Greek language learning tools? If so, have you considered podcasts?

Podcasts can be a great resource for learning languages, as they allow you to discover beginner, intermediate and advanced language concepts all at your own pace, wherever, whenever.

Many, if not most, are free to enjoy and there are literally hundreds of podcast episodes out there, all with the aim of teaching you to read, write, speak and understand the Greek language.

Seven Best Podcasts For Learning Dutch In 2020

Want to learn Dutch? There are many reasons you might want to do so. Maybe you’re taking a trip to the Netherlands this year. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a foreign language and Dutch seems like a great fit for you. Maybe you have Dutch heritage, or you’re studying abroad in Europe this semester.

Whatever the case might be, learning Dutch can be a lot easier when you start listening to Dutch podcasts, whether those are podcasts that are created with the sole purpose of teaching you Dutch or podcasts that are simply in the Dutch language.

Podcasts are a readily available, affordable language learning tool that are easy to incorporate into your daily schedule. Plus, many language learning podcasts also offer additional resources to help with your language learning goals, such as flashcards or worksheets.

While they may not be as comprehensive as a Dutch course, they’re still a great addition to any study routine.

Interested in giving podcasts a try as you learn Dutch? Here are seven to consider.


Pimsleur vs Michel Thomas: One Is Good – The Other Awful

Michel Thomas and Pimsleur are two of the most famous language teaching courses available online. They offer courses for learning languages from beginner level upwards but do so using different methods.

While both Pimsleur and Michel Thomas focus on oral language, there are some differences worth noting between the two:

  • Pimsleur’s lessons are much higher in quality, while Michel Thomas’s lessons are lacking in depth.
  • Pimsleur teaches languages up to an intermediate level. Users learning with Michel Thomas will only be able to understand and speak a language at a basic level after completing a course.