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Author name: Faiza K

Language subjects have always been my favorite in school. So my later fascination and interest in foreign languages isn't surprising. Throughout the years, I’ve learned a bit of Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish and Korean. I’m nowhere near fluent, but exposure to these different cultures through language has been awesome.  In my free time, I usually have my nose buried in a book (or my Kindle, lol) or watching a tv show. I don’t have a preferred genre, but I do love a good plot twist! I also enjoy trying out local food spots whenever I get the chance. 

Get French Classes Mini Review: Structured French Courses for Beginners

Get French Classes


$307 and $537


Are you a French beginner looking for a well organized and immersive French learning resource to get you started? We’ve got you covered.

Get French Classes is an online language platform that offers French language courses. The courses aim to help you build fluency through constant and regular practice. Depending on the course you choose, you get access to video lessons, assignments, many hours of private and group classes, and access to the platform’s community of French learners.

Get French Classes offers consistency. Every day, you receive a 5-min video lesson to watch, followed by 2 assignments for that lesson. These bite sized lessons fit into any busy schedule and will help you practice and get used to speaking French daily.

During the private classes, you’ll communicate with a native speaking tutor and receive feedback on your pronunciation and grammar. The private lessons, which last for 45 minutes, aim to help you practice what you’ve learned in the videos lessons with your tutor. Additionally, with the group lessons—groups of six—you have the opportunity to practice with practice buddies, debate, and build up your fluency. The private and group classes ensure you’re fully immersed as you learn. And if you want to apply what you learn in real life conversations, the group classes will be perfect for that.

Moreover, the courses are well-structured. The platform has designed the courses on a curriculum basis. This means that you won’t have to worry about what or when your next lesson will be. 

What sets Get French Classes apart from similar resources such as italki or Preply, is that it is more affordable, has a well-structured learning plan and is of better quality.

The programs work like cohorts, which might be an issue if you’re looking for flexibility and the minimum cost may seem expensive, but if you’re looking to build a strong French foundation and master the basics of the French language, then you should give Get French Classes a shot.

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Bhashafy Language Learning Mini Review: Learn Indian Languages with Native Instructors

Bhashafy Language Learning


INR 449-549 / USD $9.99-$19.99


Are you a beginner looking for a good quality Indian language resource? We may have one that you could check out.

Bhashafy Language Learning is a resource that teaches Indian languages to beginners using immersive animations and illustrated stories to make your learning experience engaging and effective. The courses are available on Udemy and the languages offered include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, with more to be added in the future.

Bhashafy courses are well-made, organized and aim to reach a wide range of learners. The courses have an immersive and interactive format with animated examples, vocabulary with images as well as high quality video and audio. Additionally, the courses incorporate the comprehensible input method of learning by using delightful stories and examples from Bollywood dialogues and songs after each lesson which utilize the concepts taught in an easy-to-follow manner. Moreover, the courses are taught by engaging native instructors with native English proficiency to cater to international learners.

What makes Bhashafy courses stand out from similar ones on Udemy, is that it is well-structured, comprehensive and of good quality.

The course is still new, and only has a few Indian language courses offered at the moment, but if you’re looking to learn Hindi, Tamil or Telugu, then you should definitely give Bhashafy Language Learning a go.

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Fabulang Mini Review: Fun Stories to Help You Practice and Improve Your Reading Skills





Are you learning English, French or Italian, and you’re having a hard time finding a resource to practice your reading? We have a great resource that you could check out.

Fabulang is a language learning website with an ever-growing collection of fun, original short stories written at all 6 CEFR levels, each with English, French and Italian translations. The stories aim to help you learn while also keeping you entertained and engaged. 

Fabulang works with any combination of English, French and Italian—Italian to French, French to English, English to French etc.—allowing you to read the stories side-by-side or paragraph-by-paragraph in these languages. You can also just read the stories in the target language without the translation if your native language isn’t available. You can’t check the meaning of words, though, you’ll have to compare the entire paragraph. But pair Fabulang with a dictionary, and you’re good to go!

The platform lets you compare texts side-by-side, one paragraph at a time, making it easy to learn new words and phrases. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, finding stories that cater to your proficiency level won’t be difficult. Furthermore, the website is fast, beautifully designed, easy to use and accessible through mobile. 

Fabulang only has 3 languages available at the moment—more European languages will be added in the future—and the website only offers reading material and nothing beyond that. However, the content that’s already available is enough to help you practice and improve your reading comprehension. 

If you are learning either English, Italian or French, and need a resource to help you strengthen your reading skills, then Fabulang is a great website to try.

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Feyn App Mini Review: Create Your Own Flashcards



Free; Pro-$30/Year


Are you learning a language and looking for an iOS app to help you make your own flashcards? We’ve got you covered.

Feyn is a flashcard based learning resource that uses active recall, spaced repetition, and drawing to optimize studying. By incorporating these three methods, Feyn minimizes how much you need to study to retain concepts. The app is easy to use and the Apple Pencil makes it easy to draw, particularly languages that have their own script such as Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi etc. The app also ensures that you retain language information better, as the drawing helps with memorization. Feyn is ergonomic: the flashcards are made to fit on your phone, with no scrolling or pinching required to navigate. 

You can organize your language topics—grammar, vocabulary & writing—and perfect the way you study with your preferred folders and tags. You can also choose what language topics to focus on, which ones need to be revised and much more.

What sets Feyn apart from similar flashcard apps such as Anki is that it is more user-friendly. You can get started instantly without having to go through tutorials.

Feyn doesn’t provide you with flashcards at the moment, you’ll be making your own. However, regardless of the language you’re learning, the app will be a great addition to your study plan.

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PortalLearn Mini Review: Enjoy Learning Indian Languages Through Stories





Looking for an Indian language resource for intermediate level that’ll help you improve your proficiency? You should check out PortalLearn.

PortalLearn is an app that teaches 9 Indian languages and aims to help you learn these languages through interactive stories. The languages offered include Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati. With this app, you can dive into captivating narratives, learning vocabulary and grammar naturally through context. Through these interactive stories, you can grasp language concepts, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective. These interactive stories and lessons focus on helping you hone your listening, reading, and comprehension skills.

PortalLearn offers personalization, allowing you to choose your own learning path with topics that interest you, be it cuisine, tourism, or animals. Unlike rigid course structures that dictate a predefined learning path, the platform offers you the flexibility to start with the topics that you prefer. This promotes personalized learning and keeps you motivated by allowing you to pursue your passions while acquiring the necessary language skills.

With its gamified approach, you can earn gems for completing stories and lessons as you progress. This incentive ensures that you’re not only having fun while learning, but also encourages participation. It also provides a tangible reward for progress, ensuring you stay motivated. Furthermore, PortalLearn incorporates flashcards to help you learn letters of the specific language that you’re learning more efficiently.  

What makes PortalLearn different from the likes of Duolingo, Babbel and LanguageCurry is that PortalLearn helps you learn Indian languages through story context. This approach is based on Comprehensible Input method. 

While PortalLearn isn’t suitable for complete beginners and doesn’t have a writing practice feature yet, it’s still an awesome app to help you practice other equally essential language skills.

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Nosara Spanish Institute Mini Review: Authentic and Immersive Way to Learn Spanish

Nosara Spanish Institute


5 Classes $195, 10 Classes $295, 15 Classes $395, 20 Classes $495


Are you in search of an authentic and immersive Spanish resource? Is understanding Spanish and its speakers your goal? Here is a resource that you should try out.

Nosara Spanish Institute, also known as NSI, is an on-campus learning resource based in Costa Rica. It offers a dynamic and personalized approach to teaching, combining traditional language instruction with hands-on activities, cultural excursions, and community engagement. While you’re there, you can stay at NSI’s student housing or with a local Costa Rican family to get the most out of your language experience. Nosara Spanish Institute aims to provide an immersive and unforgettable experience, ensuring you improve your communication skills using real situations and activities. You’ll not only learn Spanish, but also enjoy the rich tapestry of local life. 

NSI also offers an online course with students from all over the world. NSI’s instructors are passionate about guiding you through an immersive journey. With their assistance, you will make exceptional progress. Instruction is offered either in one-on-one lessons or group lessons using materials that cater to your needs and preferences, making your learning experience more personalized. Just like the on-campus classes, the online lessons are offered fully in Spanish, ensuring that you’re still getting immersed in the language. 

The online course is also a great way for you to prepare for your upcoming on-campus experience. Additionally, you can choose to continue taking Spanish lessons online with your favorite instructors once you’ve completed your on-campus experience. Furthermore, you’ll get the opportunity to connect and engage with learners from around the world.

The online classes may be more expensive than other offerings, but if you’re determined to practice and hone your Spanish language skills with the help of an incredibly immersive and engaging resource, then Nosara Spanish Institute is a good choice.

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Dutch Academy Eindhoven-Online Course Mini Review: Free Online Resource for Learning Dutch

Dutch Academy Eindhoven-Online Course




If you’re a beginner looking for a unique and free Dutch language resource, then you should check out Dutch Academy’s Free Dutch Online course. 

This Free Dutch Online course aims to help you master the Dutch language in a fast and natural manner. It is a great resource for beginners, teaching you the Dutch alphabet, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Some of the lessons are accompanied by either PDFs or videos, making your learning experience more efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, there are lots of video lessons that are great introductions to the language. 

This course also has a free book, How to Learn Dutch Fast, which contains the strategy that’ll help you as you learn the language. The strategy’s main goal is to help you speak simple Dutch and prepare you when engaging in conversation with Dutch natives. The book also offers learning tips on how to tackle important aspects of the Dutch language. How to Learn Dutch Fast is comprehensive and user-friendly, providing essential tips and addressing several factors to keep in mind as you start learning. 

It may take some time to master the techniques and build a routine, but it will save you time and benefit you in the long run. So if you’d like to learn and master Dutch basics, this is a good place to start!

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Native Camp Japanese Mini Review: Flexible Resource with Unlimited Japanese Learning Material

Native Camp Japanese




Do you have an interest in the Japanese language, and you’re looking for a comprehensive Japanese resource to get you started? We have an awesome resource for you.

Native Camp Japanese is a Japanese language resource that caters to learners of all proficiency levels. With its unique and flexible approach to teaching Japanese, this resource ensures that you learn Japanese and reach fluency with enough practice and dedication. 

With the platform’s flat fee, you get unlimited access to learning content and can take as many lessons as you’d like. The platform is accessible 24/7 and offers video and one-on-one lessons. You’ll have the freedom to learn Japanese whenever you please, regardless of your schedule or availability. Native Camp Japanese has lots of original teaching material that caters to beginner and advanced learners. The content can cover practical daily conversations, business Japanese and preparation for Japanese language proficiency tests. Depending on your language goals, Native Camp Japanese provides the necessary material to help you reach them.

Additionally, the platform has a diverse group of highly qualified native Japanese-speaking teachers who are trained to provide personalized instruction tailored to your learning style and goals. Whether you need to brush up on your conversational skills, understand the complexities of Japanese grammar, or prepare for proficiency tests, the instructors are there to offer guidance and assistance every step of the way. Furthermore, you can enrich your Japanese learning experience by connecting with a global community of language learners.

So if you’re serious about mastering Japanese with the help of a high quality and comprehensive resource, start the free trial, and see if it’s the right fit for you. 

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The Chinese Character Coach-Learner’s Dictionary Mini Review: Memorize Chinese Characters with Ease

The Chinese Character Coach-Learner’s Dictionary




The Chinese Character Coach’s Learner’s Dictionary is a free online dictionary to help you learn, memorize and remember Chinese characters.

The tool is designed to make it easier for you to look up Chinese characters and immediately have a way to remember them. The platform contains carefully curated images and stories that are fun, engaging and connected to pop culture or history to help you with memorization. The Chinese Character Coach’s Learner’s Dictionary is thorough, giving you explanations, mnemonics and providing relevant images. All you have to do is input any Chinese character into the learner’s dictionary and get the component breakdown accompanied by an image or memorable story to help you learn and remember it. This makes learning more fun and engaging. With over 2400 entries—and growing—there are lots of characters to memorize regardless of your proficiency level. If you’re an English speaker learning Chinese, this is a really handy resource for you to use for reference.

Moreover, the component names are chosen according to their usefulness in memorization. Characters that share a component can be reviewed as a group in the meta-stories, reducing memory load and providing more connections between characters. 

What makes this resource different from similar resources such as Pleco, Zizzle, and Outlier is that it is more comprehensive, affordable and emphasizes memorization of Chinese characters. 

The Chinese Character Coach’s Learner’s Dictionary is simple, and the stories are limited, but it’s definitely worth a try. Learning and memorizing characters is one of the most challenging aspects when learning Chinese, but with this resource, you can make a lot of progress.

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Oxford Language Club Mini Review: Improve Your English Language Skills

Oxford Language Club


6 Months-$29, 12 Months-$49, 18 Months-$69, 36 Months-$129


Is it your goal to master the English language? If you’re on the hunt for a comprehensive and immersive English learning resource, you should try Oxford Language Club.

Oxford Language Club offers more than just English lessons. It uses a comprehensive learning approach by providing various learning materials such as video, audio, and exercises. These materials cater to different learning styles, ensuring that you practice and improve your English skills in ways that suit your preferences. Oxford Language Club uses the Oxford Natural Immersion Technique, which simulates a natural learning environment, making language absorption and mastery highly effective. 

The platform offers completion certificates for different levels of English proficiency and preparation courses for major English standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, KET, and PET. Whether you’re planning to study abroad, apply for jobs that require English proficiency, or simply certify your English language skills, this is the resource for you. The courses are priced to accommodate your time commitment, and you get full support from English teachers.

Additionally, Oxford Language Club offers flexibility and accessibility. Because it is an online platform, you’ll have access to English learning material anytime, anywhere, and from any device as long as you have an internet connection. Learning English has never been easier. 

What makes Oxford Language Club different from other resources that use immersion as a mode of instruction—such as Rosetta Stone—is that it focuses on comprehensive English instruction with preparation for specialized exams. Resources like Rosetta Stone, on the other hand, emphasize speech recognition technology and have a structured lesson path that’s rooted in cultural contexts.

Although the platform lacks in-person interaction and will need you to have self-discipline in order to make progress, with clear set goals and the commitment to reach fluency, this resource is worth a try. Whether you’d like to enhance your career prospects or your ability to travel and connect internationally, Oxford Language Club is a great resource to try out.

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