The 7 Best Podcasts to Learn Afrikaans in 2021

If you’re planning to travel to or work in multiple countries in Africa, it can be helpful to learn Afrikaans, a southern African language that is also the official language of South Africa.

The language stemmed from the Dutch spoken by settlers in the 1600s and has evolved over time into what we see and hear today. Now, Afrikaans is spoken in not only South Africa, but also Namibia and in parts of Botswana and Zimbabwe. There are more than 7 million people who speak Afrikaans as their main language, and another 10 million-plus people who speak Afrikaans as their second language.

Are you interested in learning Afrikaans? If you’re taking an in-person or online course to learn Afrikaans, then you may be looking for language-learning resources to help you along this journey. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place.

Language-learning podcasts can be an excellent complement to any online or in-person language course, helping you stay abreast of vocabulary and grammatical concepts and further your comprehension skills. (And if you’re looking for additional tools, such as courses, YouTube channels, books, and movies, we recommend checking out our roundup of ways to teach yourself Afrikaans.)

Check out these seven recommended Afrikaans podcasts and see if one – or a few! – might be right for you.


Mondly Review – Far From My First Choice For Learning A Language


Both the interface and the course itself could be designed better.


It’s decent for learning vocabulary, but I thought a lot of the material wasn’t explained very well.


It’s fairly inexpensive.


There are three plans…
$9.99 per month for one language
$47.99 per year ($4/mo) for one language
$47.99 per year ($4/mo) for all languages

Strangely, I was able to access multiple languages even though I only signed up for one month at $9.99.


Verbling Review: Online Classes With Helpful Revision Tools

Teacher Quality 

There are some less experienced teachers, but I found the lessons to be more consistently high quality than on italki.


The classroom technology, flashcards, and filing system are fantastic for learners and easy to use.


Some teachers charge more than on italki, but you get better classroom technology, more privacy, and fewer disorganized teachers.


Verbling lists 65 different languages on their platform, from Spanish and Mandarin Chinese through to Twi and Berber. Not all of them have available teachers, however.


Prices are set by the teacher and range from $5 to $75 for an hour-long lesson. You can get discounts for buying packs of 5, 10, or 20 lessons with a teacher. Every student gets one free trial lesson, after which they’re $6 each.


My Language Exchange Mini-Review: Millions of Active Users

Lexilogos Mini-Review: A Resource Bank For Dictionaries and Books

Master Any Language Mini-Review: No Words To Describe the Nope

Verbix Mini-Review: Adequate for Less-Studied Languages