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Using logical connectors

Using logical connectors

Learning Objectives 

  • Be able to use different types of conjunctions
  • Learn some logical connectors
  • Express yourself more clearly by using connectors
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Key Words & Phrases

Common linking words 

  • Coordinating conjunctions
    • mais
    • ou / ou bien
    • et
    • donc
    • car 
    • comme
    • si
    • que

Mais tu vas au cinéma avec Claire et Fatima, ou tu y vas tout seul ?
Je n’y vais qu’avec Fatima car Claire n’est pas disponible. 

  • Repeated coordinating conjunctions
    • Soit…, soit…
    • ne…, ni…, ni

Tu choisis soit une crêpe soit une glace. Tu ne peux pas avoir les deux.
Je ne veux ni une crêpe, ni une glace. Je veux des frites.

  • Subordinating conjunctions of simultaneity
    • quand / lorsque que 
    • Tandis que
    • pendant que

Tu ne m’écoutes jamais quand je parle.
Je vais passer l’aspirateur pendant que tu fais la vaisselle.

  • Logical progression

D’abord, on commence par l’entrée. Ensuite, on mange le plat principal, et pour conclure le repas, on prend un dessert.


Coordinating conjunctions

logical connectors

Lawless French: introduction to conjunctions

Français facile: logical progression

Ressources FLE: les connecteurs logiques


Forbest Academy: linking words

Cours de français – Jonathan Vangrootloon: structuring your speech


Lawless French: subordinating conjunctions

FrenchPod101: French conjunctions

ThoughtCo: French conjunctions


Softschools: quiz to practice conjunctions

Français facile: practice expressions of logical progression

Université de Lille: practice logical progression with a small paragraph

Université de Lille: practice logical progression with a text

Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below.

  • Write a short paragraph to your pen-pal Antoine. Use at least 5 connectors from this lesson. 

For example, you can tell a short story, write about your opinion on a matter dear to your heart or summarise a film or series episode.

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below.

Partner Speaking Exercise:

  • Ask your French-speaking partner to pick a French connector from this lesson. You have two minutes to make as many sentences as possible using the connector. 
  • Then, pick a different connector for your partner and give them the same amount of time to come up with as many sentences as possible, using this connector. 

If your partner is studying a language you speak better than them, choose a connector in this language so they get to practice it!

  • Each of you get one point for each connector properly used “in situ”! The person with the more points wins. Make sure you get at least three turns so you can practice different connectors!

Independent Speaking Exercise:

  • Describe your day using at least five connectors and conjunctions.

Example: Tout d’abord, je me réveille à 6 heures du matin.

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module.

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