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Entiende español como un C1 (Understand Spanish Like a C1) Mini Review: Excellent resource for learning different Spanish dialects

Entiende Español Como un C1 (Understand Spanish Like a C1)


$197 USD


Are you an upper intermediate or above level Spanish learner? Is understanding Spanish speakers your goal? Here is the resource that may help you overcome your comprehension difficulties regardless of the accent or speed of the speaker.

With UNDERSTAND SPANISH LIKE A C1 you will enhance your listening comprehension of 20 different dialects. You will learn accent traits and pronunciation particularities that can make it difficult for you to understand when you listen to a native Spanish speaker speak naturally. You will have five types of active listening practices with audio of real speech at natural speed, for a total of 400 exercises that will sharpen your ability to understand when you listen to Spanish. The training covers the most widespread varieties of Spanish, with 400 practices that progress progressively from the clearest to the most challenging, so that you continually improve. More than 65 hours of lessons and practices for less than what you pay for 12 hours of individual lessons.

It offers video explanations of pronunciation features which should help discern many different Spanish dialects. The courses are challenging, suitable for B2 or above Spanish learners only.

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