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Flash Your Dutch! Het or De? Mini Review: An Invaluable App

Flash Your Dutch! Het or De?
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Het and de, the two Dutch ways of saying “the”. Which one you use will depend on the noun’s grammatical gender (masculine, feminine, neuter), whether it’s singular or plural, whether it’s a diminutive and more.

Enter Flash Your Dutch! This app presents you with a series of nouns and gets you to guess whether it needs het or de. The more you get a noun right, the less frequently that noun appears.

You can narrow down the noun list by difficulty level and category, or you can dive straight into the 1,800+ words. An English-language “Tips” page will also help you work out the patterns behind whether a word needs het or de.

Flash Your Dutch! may be simple, but it’s invaluable. De and het can be challenging, especially if you’ve already learnt a lot of vocabulary without paying attention to the grammatical gender. But this app will help you remember which article you really need.

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