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On the lookout for Greek language learning tools? If so, have you considered podcasts?

Podcasts can be a great resource for learning languages, as they allow you to discover beginner, intermediate and advanced language concepts all at your own pace, wherever, whenever.

Many, if not most, are free to enjoy and there are literally hundreds of podcast episodes out there, all with the aim of teaching you to read, write, speak and understand the Greek language.

While visual language learning resources are definitely handy, if you start out trying to just learn Greek with online courses or textbooks, you might find that you have a bit of trouble with listening comprehension.

Podcasts put an end to that, as you learn all the factors of a language simultaneously.

Reading to get started? Here are eight podcasts to help you learn Greek in 2021.

Podcasts for Beginners

If you have absolutely no prior experience with Greek, then you’ll want to start with one of these podcasts, all of which take into consideration your status as a complete beginner.


GreekPod101 offers podcast-style lessons to Greek learners of all levels, though the majority of content is aimed at beginners.

Two hosts walk listeners through a natural dialogue, explaining important vocabulary, cultural notes, and grammar. Although there are lots of lessons, they aren’t always the most well-structured, so you’ll want to use additional resources alongside GreekPod101.

Some lessons are available for free, but for the vast majority of the content, including extra learning tools, you’d need to pay for a subscription. Fortunately, subscriptions are rather affordable, especially for their Basic plan.

Read our full review of GreekPod101.

Greek on the Go

Greek on the Go isn’t exactly a podcast, but Greek learners may still find it to be very helpful. It’s an app that costs a few dollars and gives you access to many modern Greek language learning tools, including audio files and their translations, videos, dialogue transcripts and more.

The app was created with beginning language learners in mind and mostly focuses on everyday vocabulary and phrases suitable for modern conversation.

OneMinute Greek

Learn basic Greek in one minute for each of this podcast’s 10 lessons. The OneMinute Greek podcast is created to help those who need a crash course in Greek phrases and words, so that they can say the most basic things while on a trip to Greece.

While you can’t expect to come away from this short series ready to move into a more intermediate level of Greek language learning, you will come away with a very basic vocabulary.


If you have the basics of the Greek language down and you want to move on to something a little harder, consider downloading one of these Greek-centric podcasts suitable for intermediate learners.

Your Greek Word on a Sunday

Every Sunday, this podcast uploads a new episode that focuses on a certain Greek word. Each episode is less than a minute in length, so this podcast makes a fun addition to your other Greek lessons. Learn a new word and then also learn the history of that word and its connections to Greek myths, culture and issues.

Learning Greek Podcasts from the Hellenic American Union

Similar to Greek on the Go, Learning Greek Podcasts is produced by the Hellenic American Union. This podcast strives to make learning modern Greek easy and entertaining for learners of all ages, as it follows the lives of young people in Greece and the various experiences they have living in the country.

Each episode is about 10 minutes and, as you listen to the stories of the Greek characters, you’ll learn new vocabulary words and phrases related to that episode’s story.


If you’ve studied Greek for a while now or are simply looking for a challenge, you’ll want to check out some of the more advanced Greek podcasts and similar resources.

SBS Greek

SBS Greek is a podcast produced by the Special Broadcasting Service; it gives listeners Greek-spoken news and features with an international scope. Because of this, many learners find it to be a helpful resource as it allows them to listen to news and stories they might already be familiar with, but in Greek.

There are more than 120 episodes of the podcast currently available, with new episodes uploaded on a regular basis. Each episode is typically under 15 minutes long.

Greek for the Week

If you’re more familiar with biblical concepts than you are world news and issues, then you might find this podcast to be more helpful. The Greek for the Week podcast hosted by Chris Palmer focuses on New Testament scripture, but through a Greek lens.

Scriptures are presented in the Greek language and then analyzed, so you not only learn a little bit about the words, phrases and etymology of the Greek language, but you also get in a little education on Greek history and culture as well.

Dialogos Radio

The Dialogos Radio podcast features weekly episodes that include interviews, cultural discussions and more, with a focus on a range of topics from economics and politics to arts and culture.

The interviews are produced in both English and in Greek, so you can listen to the Greek version if you’re fluent enough, but then also, if needed, listen to the English version, so you can compare, find words you’re not familiar with and ensure you absolutely comprehend spoken Greek to the best of your ability.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to become an advanced Greek speaker or just brush up on some Greek terms and phrases before a trip, there’s a podcast out there that can help.

Did you find your favorite Greek podcast on the list above? Do you know of a Greek podcast that we may have missed? Let us know below!

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