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Lingualia Mini-Review: Adaptive AI Support

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lingualia – 4.3 

The main selling point for Lingualia is its adaptive learning AI, Lingu, which will personalize the vocabulary and grammar exercises based on the amount of free time you have, your motivation, and your strengths and weaknesses. It’s not clear whether this is a roundabout way of saying that it uses a Spaced Repetition System, but either way the app has more than just the AI going for it.

With each 10-20 minute lesson you will encounter activities such as new vocabulary, a dialogue, grammar or phonetics explanations, and writing or reading exercises. All of Lingualia’s explanations are immersion-based, and therefore entirely in the target language. It is therefore not suitable for A1 learners, but A2-B2 learners can expect clear and concise explanations with a little help from Google Translate when needed. What’s more, the recordings use native speakers’ voices, and they speak at a relatively natural speed to help you develop an ear for the language.

Upgrading to a premium subscription provides more dialogues, example audios, no waiting for several hours between lessons, lessons in PDF form, and review tools. Although Lingualia will not support you to reach B2 without other resources, it is a fun, gamified learning tool that can support your Spanish or English studies.

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The rating is our best guess, but we haven’t yet had the opportunity to fully test and review this resource.

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