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5 Best Podcasts to Learn Lithuanian

Interested in learning Lithuanian? One of the oldest languages in the world, Lithuanian comes with its own unique set of challenges due to its age. Many aspects of its grammar, vocabulary and structure are no longer used in similar languages, meaning that even if you do know other historically important European languages, that might not help you learn Lithuanian any easier.

Fortunately, there are some resources out there that can help make your Lithuanian language-learning journey a little bit easier. Podcasts, for example, can be an excellent complement to your more formal Lithuanian courses. Podcasts are available any time, anywhere, and often for free.

Interested in learning more Lithuanian with podcasts? Check out these five podcasts that can help. (And if you’re looking for even more resources, from courses and apps to movies and books, check out Your One-Stop Guide to Learning Lithuanian.)

Podcasts for Beginners

Those who are completely new to Lithuanian should start here, with these Lithuanian language-learning podcasts for beginners.

Lithuanian Out Loud

Lithuanian Out Loud offers episodes suitable for beginners, but then also intermediate students as well. As you learn about the Lithuanian language, with your podcast host Raminta, a native Lithuanian speaker and author, and her North American husband, Jack, you’ll also learn about the Lithuanian lifestyle, history and culture. Episodes are no longer being uploaded, but there are nearly 300 to listen to and each episode is a few minutes in length.

Say Labas Lithuanian Podcast Show

This podcast is also no longer being updated with new episodes, but you have nearly 50 to listen to, all geared toward beginner learners. The podcast begins with episodes on very basic topics, such as how to say hello, verbs, useful phrases, greetings and vocabulary words for common, everyday items. The episodes come with English transcripts and each episode is between 15 and 20 minutes in length — just the right amount of time to get in a few episodes while cooking dinner, during your commute or while doing some laundry.


Are you confident when listening to Lithuanian, able to pick out the key words that you need in order to interpret a sentence (or at least make your best guess)? Then you could be ready for an intermediate-level Lithuanian podcast.

Real Lithuanian Podcast

This podcast for intermediate students is spoken in Lithuanian and made for those who do have at least a little bit of the language down pat. The podcast is spoken in everyday, colloquial Lithuanian, so you can hear what the language sounds like in a casual setting, not necessarily an educational one. The podcast host is a native Lithuanian speaker and language teacher and enthusiast. So far, there are a few dozen episodes of the podcast, with each episode being a few minutes long. Podcast episodes are uploaded every few weeks.


If you feel like you really know Lithuanian and you could easily speak and understand it, then it’s time to challenge yourself a bit and begin listening to podcasts that are entirely in Lithuanian — and that certainly don’t slow things down just to take it easy on you.


LRT is a news and content website that offers podcasts on a variety of subjects. You can find a little bit of everything — and all spoken in Lithuanian. Learn about Lithuanian news, world news or even just listen to a bedtime story. Whatever the content you choose, the result will be near the same — you’ll enjoy listening to Lithuanian spoken by fluent speakers and build your own comprehension skills as a result.

Lithuanian Dream Podcast

No matter what language you’re learning, it can be very helpful to learn not just the language itself, but the culture and issues surrounding the language. Lithuanian Dream Podcast helps you do just that. The Lithuanian-hosted podcast focuses on how the country has developed over its 30-plus years of independence, interviewing individuals who have helped make the Lithuanian dream a reality. Tune in to learn a little bit more about the country, its people and why their culture and, yes, their language, is so important on the world stage.

Final Thoughts

Learning to speak Lithuanian can be a very enriching and rewarding process. Whatever your reason for learning Lithuanian, you can approach the process with confidence knowing that you have plenty of online resources to help you study the Lithuanian language.

Did we miss any particular Lithuanian language-learning podcasts in our list above, that you know to be awesome resources for Lithuanian language learners? Then let us know about them!

Learning Lithuanian? Take a look at our One-Stop Guide to Learning Lithuanian.

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