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LP’s Korean Language Learning Mini-Review: Unorganized

LP's Korean Language Learning
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LP’s Korean Language Learning is a free website with grammar explanations, music videos with accompanying translations, YouTube videos, lessons based on the TV show, “Let’s Speak Korean”, and short audio lessons that explain specific grammar points. You can also download a full PDF with all of the grammar explanations on the website.

All Korean words are written in Hangul, so you may want to have a grasp of the alphabet before reading the grammar explanations. You can use the audio lessons without reading, though, although they do not seem very engaging.

The YouTube channel does not have many video lessons, and the ones that are available are basically videos of the narrator explaining different grammar points from the website.

Overall, the site is a bit unorganized, but the grammar explanations are simple and have lots of examples. You can also check out How to Study Korean for over 150 step by step Korean lessons. These lessons are entirely text-based, but they will give you a solid foundation of the Korean language and writing system.

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