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The 6 Best Podcasts to Learn Romanian in 2022

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If you’ve never considered learning Romanian before, it’s time to do so now.

Of course, learning Romanian is easier said than done. Whether you’re taking an in-person or an online course, listening to Romanian language-learning podcasts can be a useful complement to your efforts. There are all kinds of these podcasts available online for a variety of users, whether you’re a beginner who needs to start with the very basics, or you’re an old pro who just wants to brush up on their Romanian comprehension skills.

Want to see what kind of Romanian language-learning podcasts are available and which might be right for you? Check out these six recommended options and see how they can help you in your Romanian language learning journey.

Podcasts for Beginners

You’ll want to ensure that you have a strong foundation in the Romanian basics before you move on to more difficult vocabulary words and concepts. Incorporating a podcast into your other language learning efforts can help make that foundation as strong as possible.


RomanianPod101 offers a lot of episodes that are suitable for beginners, intermediate learners and even advanced students. You’ll be able to easily pick out those that are available for beginners, though, which are a large majority.

The informative episodes cover basic vocabulary and basic grammar skills, but also teach you about comprehension and culture as well, with information on a language’s context and the current issues affecting its speakers.

Additionally, there are episodes created just for those who need limited information, such as travelers headed to Romania who need a quick hit of basic words and phrases that will help them travel around the country more easily.

The majority of the content on RomanianPod101 requires a subscription to access, but the memberships are relatively affordable. Learn more about this resource in our full review of RomanianPod101.

One Minute Romanian

This podcast offers episodes that, while not exactly one minute in length, are pretty short. Your hosts are a Romanian teacher, Roxana, and a presenter, Mark. Concepts are very basic and include just what you need to travel in Romania, conduct business with native Romanian speakers or possibly impress your Romanian friends.

Romanian Language Podcast

This language-learning podcast is no longer active, but it does have a range of older episodes that you can make use of. The host is a German woman who is bringing the listener along on her personal journey of learning Romanian. The episodes are accompanied by scripts that are downloadable online, so you can follow along with what is being said.


If you’re ready to move on to more difficult concepts, then you might want to try one of these Romanian language learning podcasts for intermediate students.

Romanian Language Lessons

This is another podcast that is currently no longer being updated, but it offers a wealth of old episodes that can teach you a variety of concepts, from vocabulary words to numbers, with a focus on teaching students to speak, read and understand Romanian on an intermediate level.


As you get into a more advanced stage of learning to speak, read, write and comprehend Romanian, you’ll want to move on to podcasts that feature very little, if any, English. This will allow you to see what aspects of the language you understand thoroughly, and which concepts you could possibly brush up on.

SBS Romanian

The SBS Romanian podcast is produced by the Special Broadcasting Service and offers international news and feature stories that you’re likely already familiar with in your own language. Listen along and practice your comprehension skills. The podcast updates nearly daily, sometimes multiple times per day, with short episodes typically only a few minutes in length.

Radio Romania International

Although this podcast is entirely in English, many learners will find it helpful to stay abreast of Romanian culture and news topics, especially those that would not be covered by their local news outlets. This makes the language-learning experience a little more holistic and brings it to life in many ways, as you begin to connect the language to real people, places and events. You can stay up to date on Romanian news via Radio Romania International, with one-hour episodes uploaded to the podcast on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

Learning Romanian is not an easy task, but it is a very worthwhile one. A podcast is a great way to complement your current efforts and round out your experience as a student of the Romanian language.

Do you know of a great Romanian language-learning podcast that we didn’t include above? Let us know!

Learning Romanian? Take a look at our article, A Wealth of Courses, Apps, and Media for Mastering Romanian. In addition to sources for Romanian books, conversation partners, news, blogs, and radio, you’ll find Romanian grammar tools, typing tools, and specific hacks for learning the language.

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