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$14.99/Month, $79.99/Year


Are you learning Korean or Japanese and finding it difficult to speak confidently? We have a great app that you could try.

Teuida is a language learning app that focuses on helping you learn Korean and Japanese by speaking from the get go. The app offers interactive lessons that simulate real-life scenarios, helping you overcome the fear of speaking and build your confidence. Aside from the interactive lessons, the app also features bilingual tutors, AI pronunciation analysis, fun interactive stories, and tips that are specific to Korean and Japanese culture.
Teuida is fun and engaging, providing a 1st Person POV virtual scenario to help you practice speaking as you would in real life. So that when you do speak in real life conversations, you aren’t nervous. It is also practical, teaching you essential grammar and vocabulary to get you conversational. The app is also very efficient, believing that a few minutes of actually speaking a language is more beneficial to you than 30 minutes of playing vocabulary games.

Although the mic recognition may be an issue for older devices, and the content available is limited, Teuida is a great app to help you practice and strengthen your Korean and Japanese speaking skills.

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