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Grammar Hero Review – I Like It A Lot, But Wish It Were Cheaper

Grammar Hero

Rating 4.2


Grammar Hero is a product from Olly Richards, the creator of I Will Teach You A Language. It follows the story-based method of teaching languages, but this time with a focus on the most difficult grammar points. You start out by reading a story and the grammar point is underlined, later you learn the rules, then you re-read the story with explanations, and finally you’ll practice using the grammar point to express your thoughts and opinions. It’s a comprehensive method that’s meant to help you internalize the grammar.

Quality 4.5

The stories are unique and interesting, while highlighting the grammar points.

Thoroughness 4.5

Covers the most challenging grammar in each language.

Value 3.5

I wish it were cheaper so that more learners can take advantage of it.

I Like
  • The stories are different for every language.
  • Enjoyable to read, clear audio recordings, and more interesting than other ways to study grammar.
  • Focuses on only the most challenging grammar points.
I Don’t Like
  • It’s pretty expensive.
  • The final “Activate” section is just a worksheet. It’s useful but hardly exciting.

It costs $197 to purchase Grammar Hero in each language. There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee.

Olly Richards is the creator of the very popular blog, I Will Teach You a Language. He speaks 8 languages and provides a ton of good advice to language learners.

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Most Recommended Resources Spanish

Most Recommended Resources For Learning Spanish

We’ve tested tons of resources for learning Spanish to help you figure out which ones are worth using and which ones should be avoided. There are so many ways to learn Spanish. Some resources will cater to your learning style and goals, while others will not. We hope that this list will get you closer to your perfect Spanish resource. These are our top choices.

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An Honest Review of Coffee Break Spanish With Image of Spanish Architecture

Coffee Break Spanish Review – Are The Paid Courses Worth It?

Coffee Break Spanish

Rating 4.0


Coffee Break Spanish offers some really good free lessons available as podcasts. Additionally, they sell premium courses with extra materials on their website. For most people, there probably isn’t enough extra material included in the premium lessons to make it worth paying for the courses as they’re pretty expensive. This review will look at the free audio lessons, as well as the premium content.

Quality 4.0

It feels like you’re sitting in on a Spanish class.

Thoroughness 4.0

Takes you from the very basics to at least an intermediate level.

Value 4.0

The free lessons are amazing value but the paid courses are a bit expensive.

I Like
  • They offer a comprehensive, well-structured, and free audio course.
  • Lots of detailed explanations of vocabulary and grammar with lots of explanations.
  • The lessons start fairly slowly but build up to where a lot of Spanish is used in later seasons.
I Don’t Like
  • I wish there were more extra materials included or the price were lower for the paid courses.
  • It’s primarily an input based course and you’ll need to practice speaking and writing Spanish more on your own.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of the interactive exercises as some other resources.

The audio for all of the lessons is completely free but the extra materials cost money. The 40 lesson package is $124.

Find all of the audio lessons for free on Itunes.

Prior to writing this review of Coffee Break Spanish, I’d already tried out lots of courses to study Spanish, such as News in Slow SpanishFluencia, Rocket Spanish, SpanishPod101, Baselang, Babbel, and a few others.

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An Honest Review of Fluencia With Image of Spanish Architecture

Fluencia Review – My Experience Trying It Out


Rating 4.3


Fluencia is one of the better online Spanish courses I’ve come across. The course content is very well designed including tons of detailed explanations and exercises to practice what you’ve learned. While some similar courses are more gamified and less challenging, Fluencia is more challenging and less game-like. While I like Fluencia quite a bit, you’ll probably want to get more speaking practice elsewhere.

Quality 4.5

It’s obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into making these lessons.

Thoroughness 4.5

The cultural and grammar lessons stood out as being exceptionally thorough.

Value 4.0

It’s a good course and affordable for most.

I Like
  • You’ll have actually needed to have learned the content to answer the exercises correctly.
  • Everything is explained clearly with a lot of attention spent on the details.
  • Recordings are done by native Spanish speakers with various accents.
I Don’t Like
  • You’ll want to get more speaking practice by working with a tutor.
  • You may also want to supplement your learning by listening to Spanish podcasts.

1 month costs $14.95 12 months costs $95.40 24 months costs $166.80

Most people studying Spanish have probably come across SpanishDict.

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An Honest Review of Synergy Spanish With Image of Spanish Architecture

Synergy Spanish Review – Boring, Old, And Overpriced

Synergy Spanish

Rating 2.3


Synergy Spanish is an often-recommended course, but I found it to be old, overpriced, boring, and not as good as competitors. The good side is that their lessons force you to start speaking right away. Even with a limited vocabulary, you’ll be able to express a lot of different things. Still, I wouldn’t recommend using it.

Quality 3.0

Fairly well structured but feels outdated.

Thoroughness 2.5

It may not be meant to be the most comprehensive course, but I’m shocked at some of the things that weren’t included.

Value 1.5

I don’t think it’s as good as cheaper alternatives.

I Like
  • Start speaking Spanish from the first lesson.
  • The content builds upon itself pretty well.
  • If you use it, you’ll learn quite a bit.
I Don’t Like
  • The platform and some of the content taught in the lesson feels outdated.
  • The content is among the most boring I’ve seen.
  • It’s more expensive and not as good as competitors in my opinion.

Synergy Light costs $67 and includes the audio lessons. Synergy Video costs $97 and adds in video lessons and email coaching. Synergy Video + CDs costs $145 and adds in CDs and printed out pdf.

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An Honest Review of SpanishPod101 With Image of Spanish Architecture

SpanishPod101 Review – Good Content with Some Pointless Extras


Rating 3.8


SpanishPod101 primarily offers audio lessons for beginner level Spanish students. Unfortunately, the number of lessons available at the intermediate and higher levels drops off quite a bit. There are a lot of extra features, some of which are pretty cool, but many of which aren’t that useful. Overall, I think SpanishPod101 is pretty good but not sufficient by itself.

Quality 4.0

Everything works well and the lessons are high-quality

Thoroughness 3.5

Great for beginners but intermediate and higher levels won’t get much out of it.

Value 4.0

They’re sneaky about hiding the real prices but it’s still a low cost and extensive option.

I Like
  • An absurd amount of content for lower level students.
  • Uses Spanish from lots of different countries and includes interesting cultural insights.
  • As you move up levels, English is used less and less.
  • Grammar is taught very well.
I Don’t Like
  • The lack of content for those past the beginner level.
  • Lower level lessons include lots of English banter between the hosts.
  • Some of the extra features are pointless, while others like the quizzes, aren’t very well done.
  • Constant hard selling and email spamming.

There are three subscription plans with lengths between 1 month and 2 years. If you subscribe longer, the monthly cost lowers.

Basic Plan – $4/mo Premium Plan – $10/mo Premium Plus Plan – $23/mo

Use the coupon code “ALLLANGUAGERESOURCES” to save 25% on a subscription.

July Campaign! Use code NOWORNEVER2024 and get 40% OFF any Premium or Premium PLUS Subscription. Premium PLUS gives you 1-on-1 access to a teacher and a personalized learning program! See details on the website. Offer ends on 7/19/23.

For this review, I spent about five days trying out SpanishPod101’s Premium Plan.

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Mimic Method Review: Trying Out The Elemental Sounds Courses

Mimic Method

Rating 3.2


Created by Idahosa, the Mimic Method’s ‘Elemental Sounds Masters Classes’ are not your traditional type of language learning course as you won’t learn any grammar or vocabulary. The focus is instead on learning the elemental sounds of the language. This is because once you can conceptualise them, then you can train your ear to hear and understand them and afterwards train your mouth to produce and pronounce these sounds. Useful for both beginners and advanced learners, you would obviously need to use it in conjunction with a couple of other resources to progress in your target language.

Quality 3.5

Easy to use and navigate, the production quality is fine without being amazing.

Thoroughness 4.0

Quite technical throughout most of the course, Idahosa thoroughly explains the method and sounds in each language.

Value 2.0

Very expensive for what it is, I think it is as interesting take at learning pronunciation but you won’t get anything else from it.

I Like
  • Some of the homework exercises are really interesting and quite unlike anything you’ll find on other language courses.
  • Idahosa goes into quite a lot of depth on how to pronounce the different elemental sounds of each language. At the end of the course you will know all the different sounds from the language that you are learning.
  • It was a fresh way of learning a language that I had never contemplated before
I Don’t Like
  • I found the course to be very technical and while other people will surely find it interesting, it didn’t resonate so much with me unfortunately as it just wasn’t that fun to follow.
  • You would certainly have to use the course alongside other learning resources which actually teach you the grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and cultural context of your target language.
  • You do not get much material for the high price that it costs.

For lifetime access to a course, the Mimic Method website has slashed its cost from $394 to $197 although I am uncertain if it always stays that price.

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Baselang Review

Baselang Review – Super Great Program If You Can Carve Out Enough Time to Learn Spanish


Rating 4.5


Baselang offers unlimited Spanish classes for $179/month. It’s much more than just a tutoring service though as they also have an excellent curriculum, along with elective lessons and assessments. I was really impressed with Baselang. Anyone with enough time and money to fully utilize the service should strongly consider using it.

Quality 4.5

The curriculum is extensive but not meant to be worked through alone.

Thoroughness 4.5

You can follow their curriculum, have casual conversations, or do whatever you’d like to in the classes.

Value 4.5

If you use it enough, it’s absurdly good value.

I Like
  • The classes are truly unlimited.
  • Scheduling lessons is extremely flexible. Several times I schedule a class less than 5 minutes before it began.
  • The curriculum is well-structured and extensive.
  • The teachers were good and catered the lessons to my preferences.
I Don’t Like
  • There aren’t any teachers from Spain.
  • The internet connection could occasionally be a problem.
  • If you don’t have enough time to study, it’d be a poor choice.

There are two programs – one for learning Real World Spanish and the other for intensive accelerated course Grammarless. The Real World program costs $179 per month, and the “Zero to Conversational in a Month, Guaranteed” Grammarless course is $1200. You can try Baselang out for one week for only $1. If you sign-up using the link below, you’ll get $10 off your first month.If you end up purchasing a plan and later decide that it’s not for you, Baselang will pay you $20 as an apology for wasting your time.

ALR Readers receive $10 off first month.

Learning Spanish was difficult for me. I did basically everything wrong.

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Glossika Review – Not Cheap But Useful


Rating 3.6


Glossika has learning resources for over fifty languages that impressively range from Armenian and Czech to Icelandic and Tagalog. While not suitable for absolute beginners, lower intermediates could use the resource to familiarise themselves with sentences in their language of choice using Glossika´s intuitive approach. Listening to native speakers and repeating what they say can help learners to improve their comprehension skills and spoken fluency. While it is amazing that so many languages are included, learners would have to use numerous other resources alongside it. The cost is unjustifiably high.

Quality 3.8

The audio recordings are well made but other aspects could be improved

Thoroughness 3.8

Glossika covers an impressive number of languages but their method requires you to intuitively learn

Value 3.5

Polyglots may find the price to be fair but for most language learners it’s not

I Like
  • There are lots of languages available, including many that are rarely covered by other resources.
  • The subscription gives you access to all of the languages making it possible to study one language and review another at the same time.
  • It will force you to speak the language which will improve your confidence and prosody.
I Don’t Like
  • As all of the languages cover the exact same material, the diversity of the languages and cultures are reduced to a simple formula with no cultural context involved in their teaching.
  • There are a fair amount of errors in the materials.
  • The cost is excessively high compared to other resources.
  • There are no explanations of grammar.

You can try out Glossika´s learning method for free with their week-long trial. Their basic subscription is $16.99 a month. The monthly subscription costs $30.99 a month. The annual subscription costs $24.99 a month and will set you back 299.88$ in total.

Click the link below to save $5 on a subscription to Glossika.

Few resources cover as many different languages as Glossika does. Because of this, I was excited to try it out and see what it’s like to use.

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