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Mandarin Chinese

An Honest Review of Learn Chinese From Movies with Image of Chinese Scenery

Learn Chinese From Movies – Review

Learn Chinese From Movies

Rating 3.5


Learn Chinese From Movies makes it easier for intermediate and advanced level students to start incorporating movies into their study routine. They add English, Simplified or Traditional Characters, and Pinyin subtitles to play over the top of various Chinese and international movies. I’ve found it to be helpful to bridge the gap between intermediate study materials and native movies.

Quality 3.5

Movies are streamed online from Youtube and other sources with subtitles added.

Thoroughness 3.0

A decent selection of movies, but having more added would be nice.

Value 4.0

Cheaper than other resources that use native videos to teach Chinese.

I Like
  • I had difficulties finding movies with both English and Chinese subtitles in the past from other places. This makes it really quick and easy.
  • Finding pinyin subtitles from other places is almost impossible.
  • Solid variety of movie titles to choose from.
I Don’t Like
  • The glossaries and transcripts are useless to me.
  • The Premium Plan is terrible value.
  • You have to give your payment information to access the free trial.

A Basic subscription to Learn Chinese From Movies costs $8/month or $77/year. A Premium subscription costs $297/year and the only additional benefit is that you can download the glossary and transcripts.

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Learn Chinese From Movies (LCFM) is a new Chinese learning resource that I’m pretty excited about. It hasn’t been around for long and has a lot of room to grow. But, even as it is now, I really like it.

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Robin Hood and the King – Advanced Reader


罗宾汉(Robin Hood)和他的伙伴隐居在舍伍德森林(Sherwood Forest)。即使罗宾汉和他的伙计不受法律约束,但是他们只从富人那里偷钱,并给穷人。罗宾汉认为腐败的地主是真正的贼。他们不公正地控制土地,而理查国王却正在进行抗战。恶毒的地主想把罗宾汉吊起来打,但是他们从未得手。当罗宾汉从战边回来,他也无法尊重这位奋力保护普通人的亡命之徒。

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Barack Obama – Intermediate Reading Practice

你有想过某一天会成为国家总统吗?你想知道为什么有的人想要这样吗?巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)在2008年11月被选举为美国的总统


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An Honest Review of ChineseSkill with Image of Chinese Architecture

ChineseSkill Review – A Duolingo Style App for learning Chinese


Rating 4.0


ChineseSkill is one of the most popular apps for people getting started learning Chinese. There are 45 lessons based on a variety of topics. It’s not the most comprehensive course and it won’t be the only tool you need. But, if you’re a beginner and want a free introduction to Mandarin, it’s worth trying. However, I personally think that HelloChinese is a better overall app.

Quality 4.0

The app is really well designed and can be a fun way to begin learning Chinese.

Thoroughness 3.0

It’s freemium, so it’s not really fair to expect it to cover everything you need to know.

Value 5.0

It’s freemium and works well.

I Like
  • Learning Chinese is intimidating, but ChineseSkill makes it easy to just get started without overthinking things too much.
  • They incorporate reading, listening, grammar, and even some writing.
  • It’s pretty fun to use.
I Don’t Like
  • Pinyin drills are hidden away at the bottom of the menu.
  • Not comprehensive enough for serious students.

Freemium, with premium subscription plans from $14.99/month or lifetime access for a one-off fee of $159.99.

I used ChineseSkill when I started learning Chinese

The ChineseSkill app helped me a lot on my first steps in learning Chinese. When I moved to China I still wasn’t sure if I would put in the effort to learn Chinese or just try to get by without it. After all, I had spent a few years in Spanish speaking countries and it took me much longer than I expected to learn Spanish. So, I thought, if learning Spanish was so hard for me, do I really have a chance to learn Chinese? I knew I had to learn the basics but wasn’t sure if I wanted to put in the effort to actually become fluent.

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An Honest Review of Wai Chinese with Image of Chinese Landscape

WaiChinese Review – Improve Your Chinese Pronunciation


Rating 2.8


WaiChinese is an app that makes it much easier to improve your Chinese pronunciation. You can compare your voice to that of a recording, seeing visualizations of your tones. Then, you can submit recordings to be corrected by a teacher. I used to strongly recommend this app even though it’s very buggy. However, a new service, Speechling, was recently after I wrote this review. It does everything WaiChinese does and more, but better.

Quality 2.0

WaiChinese is very useful, but the app has an absurd number of bugs.

Thoroughness 3.5

You’ll receive solid feedback on your recordings.

Value 3.0

When I originally wrote this article WaiChinese didn’t have any competitors. It was great value at the time, but that has changed.

I Like
  • Seeing the visualization of your speech and being able to compare it to the recording is very helpful.
  • Getting feedback from a teacher will help you spot mistakes you didn’t realize you were making.
I Don’t Like
  • The app has tons of bugs. I’d often leave the app and do something else while waiting for audio to play.
  • Not as good as its main competitor. Speechling gives you unlimited recordings for $19.99/month and has a ton of useful free features.

WaiChinese costs $10/month for the Demo version which allows you to submit 50 recordings. The Beginner version costs $25/month and allows you to submit 150 recordings. The Advanced version costs $50/month and gives you 300 submissions.

Waichinese is one of the buggiest, most problematic apps I’ve used but I still highly recommend it. Learning to speak Mandarin with good pronunciation is something you can’t ignore or hope for it to come naturally. The sooner you begin improving your pronunciation, the better off you’ll be. If you’re a beginner student, it may seem like learning pronunciation can wait, but correcting pronunciation mistakes gets harder the longer you’ve been making them.

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