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Japanese Level Up

Rating 3.5

$119.99/level, $299.99/all levels


For beginners and intermediate Japanese learners who are frustrated with their learning process and just can’t seem to find the right resource, Jalup might just be the answer to your struggles. The app has improved the basic Spaced Repetition System flashcard method by ensuring that each new card combines with previously learned content. This means that, if you have been following their program, you will fully understand every sentence that is presented to you. There are six levels, from total beginner to ‘Jalup expert’; as a beginner, you will learn to read and write the basic Japanese alphabets, and gradually increase your understanding of vocabulary, grammar, sentence structures, and kanji. By level 4, all definitions and explanations are in Japanese. The app claims to “Make you fluent so you can enjoy anime, manga, and video games,” teaching you practical Japanese and enriching practice with stories that parallel what you have already learned. The downside to this app is how expensive it is. Although each level has 100 cards that you can sample for free, to buy a full level within the app costs over $100 (or slightly cheaper if you want the Anki-version.)