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Darvazah Mini Review: A University-Level Urdu & Hindi Course

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Darvazah started off as A Door Into Hindi, before the Urdu-language version was launched. Both were funded by a grant from the US Department of Education and designed as a free equivalent to a year of Hindi- or Urdu-language tuition at a university level.

They contain an alphabet tutorial and 24 video lessons. You’ll need to use Flash to watch A Door Into Urdu, however, while the videos for A Door Into Hindi are now only available on YouTube. The videos for the Hindi and Urdu courses are actually identical: the authors don’t distinguish between the two languages.

Finding Hindi- and Urdu-language study materials can be hard, so a university-level course is a great option. However, we feel like it would be beneficial to have greater explanations of the differences between Hindi and Urdu. While grammatically and phonetically they could be considered the same language, Urdu has more Arabic, Persian, and Turkish vocabulary while Hindi owes more to Sanskrit.

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