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TODAI Mini-Review: Decent, but Not Perfect

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TODAI creates interactive articles from news websites such as Forbes, CNN, Google, and BBC. You can listen to text-to-voice audio as you read along, and even download the file to listen to offline. The colour-coded text will help you identify N1-N5 JLPT vocabulary that you can convert into flashcards within the app. When you look up a word in the app’s dictionary, you can see example sentences, Kanji strokes, grammar explanations, and related images. Also, you can practice dozens of mock JLPT exams.

TODAI has an extensive Japanese-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary with example sentences, analyses of each sentence, and dozens of phrases that contain your chosen word. Although the app identifies grammar structures within the articles and lists them at the bottom of each page, the grammar explanations are hit and miss — some are clear and concise, while others lack formatting, punctuation, and coherency.

Overall, TODAI seems to be a decent app for reading comprehension practice. You can also try Readlang to define words and create flashcards from any website in any language, or Human Japanese and Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese for more concise grammar explanations. 


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