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Intermediate Chinese Practice – Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can (1980) gives you the opportunity to hear about Frank Abagnale’s life as a conman. His cons included posing as a pilot, lawyer, and professor. The story would go on to become an award-winning film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Intermediate Chinese Reader – Jane Goodall

The first time a name or an unknown place appear, you’ll see the English translation afterwards. All future occurrences will be bolded without the English translation.


珍·古道尔(Jane Goodall)还是一个小女孩的时候,她就喜欢观察动物,也非常喜欢阅读关于动物的故事。她梦想着有一天能住在非洲(Africa),写着关于野生动物的故事。