How to use YA & other adverbs

How to use YA and other adverbs

Learning Objectives 

  • How to form adverbs of manner ending in -mente. 
  • Become familiar with adverb type and placement.  
  • 10 ways to use the adverb YA in conversation.
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Key Words & Phrases

  • Adverbs – manner
    • Lento → lentamente 
    • Rápido → rápidamente
    • Bien / mal
    • Despacio
  • Adverbs – intensifiers 
    • Mucho / poco 
    • Más / menos 
    • Mejor / peor 
    • Todo / casi 
  • Adverbs – time (not yet studied)
    • Ahora 
    • Ahora mismo
    • Luego
    • Todavía
    • Ya 
    • Temprano
    • Tarde 
  • Adverbs – place (not yet studied) 
    • Aquí / acá
    • Ahí / Allí
    • Allá
  • ¡Ya! 
  • ¡Ya voy! 
  • ¿Ya comiste? 
  • Pagas en la caja y ya. 
  • Ya no fumamos. 
  • Ya comprendo. 
  • Ya lo sé. 
  • Ya lo haré.  
  • Ya, ya. 
  • Ya lo lograrás.



10 Ways to Use “Ya” in Spanish

FluentU (adverbs) 

Tell Me in Spanish (ya)


Maestro Kaplan (adverbs) 

Spanish Like a Pro (adverbs of frequency)

Why not Spanish (ya) 

The Language Tutor (ya) 

Butterfly Spanish (ya)


Lingolia (adverbs)

Spanish Dict (adverbs)

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Spanish Academy (ya) 

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Spanish Dict (-mente adverbs) 

Lingolia (-mente adverbs)

Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below.

Make short sentences about each of the following images using each one of these adverbs: frecuentemente, bien, rápidamente, lentamente, temprano, ya, todo, mal.   

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below.

Partner Speaking Exercise:

With a partner who speaks Spanish, practice forming different -mente adverbs by using this list of English adverbs of manner (ending in -ly). See how many of these English adverbs also exist in Spanish. Then try to form ten simple sentences using adverbs of manner. 

Independent Speaking Exercise:

Choose 10 of your favorite -ly adverbs in English and form their -mente versions in Spanish. Use them in sentences, saying each sentence aloud. If you need help thinking of -ly adverbs use this list of English adverbs. Check them in a translator to see if they are correct once you’ve formed the Spanish equivalents.  

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module.

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