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Other irregular verbs

Other irregular verbs

Learning Objectives 

  • Learn the necessary spelling changes for verbs ending in CER, CIR, GER, GIR, UIR & the verb OLER.
  • Conjugate these verbs confidently in the present tense. 
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Key Words & Phrases


Spelling change verbs

Vamos Spanish: Your Ultimate Guide to Irregular Verbs in Spanish in the Present Tense


The Spanish Tutor (yo-go & others)

Speak Spanish Faster (all irregular verb groups)

Spanish Learning Lab (10 common verbs)


Spanish Dict (spelling changes)

Spanish Dict (other irregulars) 

Study Spanish (spelling changes)  

Linguasorb (all conjugations)


Using one of the recommended resources to get writing feedback, respond to the prompt below.

  • ¿Conduces motocicleta o coche? 
  • ¿Qué escoges en un bar? 
  • ¿Cuándo hay lluvia, huyes o no? 
  • ¿Puedes producir algo? 
  • ¿Cuántas veces corriges tus tareas antes de entregarlas (before submitting them)?

Using one of the platforms for finding a tutor or language exchange partner, practice the speaking activities below.

Partner Speaking Exercise:

Have a partner who speaks Spanish drill you on verbs that follow the same patterns as the ones studied in this lesson. You may use the list of verbs here. Your partner should pick any verb and you should be able to conjugate it. Then make a simple sentence in the yo form, such as protejo a mi familia.

Independent Speaking Exercise:

Using the list of verbs here, drill yourself on the different conjugations for the verb endings studied in this lesson. Pick any verb and conjugate aloud. Then make a simple sentence in the yo form, such as protejo a mi familia.

You can find instructions and a download link in our flashcards module.

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