Resources for Writing Feedback

Writing in your target language is a fantastic way to get some quality language practice, but getting truly valuable feedback often requires the attention of a real human. Computers still just aren’t amazing at providing nuanced, insightful feedback when it comes to writing.

The resources in this list are all great for getting feedback on your writing from other people. The sites are community-driven and therefore free. If you’d like to help out these communities, you can offer feedback on the writing of someone who’s learning your native language.


Best-known as an online tutor marketplace, italki also has some fantastic community features available through the app, and they’re free to use. One of these is the Exercise section, where users can respond to writing prompts or write about anything at all in their target language. Other users that are proficient in your target language can then offer feedback on your writing.

The italki community is large enough that this system works well, and you can provide other users with writing feedback to pay it forward. We wrote a full review of italki here.


This site is a fantastic resource for getting feedback on your Spanish writing. The design of the site makes for a highly enjoyable user experience, and it’s free to use. Write about anything that interests you and receive feedback from native speakers. You can also help other users with feedback in order to contribute to the community.


This site is dedicated to providing language learners with feedback on their writing. The fact that it’s community-driven makes it free and means that you can provide feedback on the writing of others as well. 

Learners of over 100 languages can use langcorrect, but, as a growing resource, its community may not be as large or as responsive for languages with fewer learners. You can read our mini review here.


This is another community-oriented language learning platform. OPLingo features a Write & Correct section where learners can exchange corrections on writing. This feature is free to use. Mini review.